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Well I’ve taken the plunge and joined Freecycle (it did help that i finally worked out how to use it)
I’m mainly afraid of unwittingly offending someone somehow.
What’s everyone else’s experiences been

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I’ve had mixed experiences on freecycle. Sometimes people ahve been lovely and come round to pick things up and chatted and it’s been great. Other times - at least 50% of the time sadly - peple ahven’t come, haven’t responded after asking for something and generally messed us around. This is when listing an item to offer. Not actually picked anything up from it ourselves.

Liz grin x

Druid, boat-dwelling, home educating mum of DD1 (11), Aspie DS (9) and baby DD2 (2), & part-time step-mum to 2 stepdaughters, 9 and 7.

My experiences have been mixed, when the groups were smaller it was a nice community but now all the groups seem massive and I think there are a lot of traders getting stuff to sell from there which although better than landfill, is not quite the point (I don’t think).

I’ve rarely got anything i’ve requested, in fact i’ve stopped looking as it’s pointless, but it’s brilliant for getting rid of stuff!  Virtually anything will go (apart from a pair of size 13 brand new plimsolls which nobody wants LOL) - the only problem i’ve had with that is that I’ve had a lot of timewasters and even someone who came for their item and stole everything else I had left out for other freecyclers and didn’t answer any emails requesting it back!  It meant I had to let others down and really left a bad taste in my mouth.

People not turning up and not letting you know is annoying too, which has happened quite a lot - and rude emails!  Can’t believe it when I get people asking for something i’ve offered really rudely!  Incredible!

So actually, maybe more bad than good :-(  Hopefully your list will be better than the ones i’ve belonged to!

When I first joined there were 170 people and it was really useful and nice, now there are 1000’s of members and it’s just not great.

Good luck,

Mummy to four little ones

Only had one experience of it - and it was positive - got rid of our Graco pushchair in under 24 hours.

Some good some bad, lots of timewasters.
Again we have so many people on there and traders which I personally don’t like either. I’ve only ever got one thing and I’ve stopped looking as well.
I tend to look at charity shops as the first option now.

DS1~05 DS2~08

When I first started using freecycle about 2 years ago it was brilliant, I got some good items and gave away lots of unwanted items as we were de-clutterring to go travelling.

However now it has become so busy and big that all items are gone staright away.  Also people don’t turn up for things I post so I am disheartened.

I am considering leaving the group, however it is usefull if you want to get rid of something.

So far pretty positive; but then I managed to get one of those folding dinning tables and chairs (that tuck under the table too) from freecycle.  I have found it useful and not had too many problems.  Don’t often get responses to Wanted and so far been ok with Offered and people collecting.

Once it becomes a pain I’ll stop; but for now its ok.  Biggest thing is really to get stuff you have to get the individual emails because often stuff is gone by the time the daily digest is delivered; and the number of emails each day is a bit annoying.

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Similar experience to others - when the group first started it was lovely, very friendly etc.  We gave a lot of stuff away and then one day posted a request to borrow a strimmer.  Within a couple of hours three had been brought to our door by people we’d given things to totally unnannounced.  Now it’s really grabby.  People dont bother saying please or thank you, they just send emails saying “I want the XYZ when can i come and pick it up?” or they expect you to give them a call about collecting whatever you’re giving away.  Then you get the people who dont turn up.  And the traders who will take anything and are quite blatant about the fact they are going to sell it - one said she would pick our stuff up at some ungodly hour on a sunday morning on her way to the boot sale…  We had one bloke who was coming for some things who kept asking if we had anything else we didnt want and he didnt care what it was, he took it.  If we’d offered him the contents of the kitchen bin I think he’d have taken it!!!

And then you get the people asking for stuff like cars, the furniture for an entire house (4 bedroomed house), an I-phone 3 weeks after they had been launched etc etc.  Or the people who request things you offered 4 years ago (do they not look at the dates when they go through the archives?????)  And then there’s the moderators who get a bit carried away with having the power and refuse to allow posts to the group because you used a semi-colon and not a colon in your subject line (yes, that really did happen to someone).

But its great for getting rid of stuff.  smile


SAHM to B, R, E, M, S, J, A and A

Yes Lucie, I posted a water butt about 2 years ago and I am still getting emails for it now! 


Mummy to four little ones

So far only good experiences here, people have turned up to collect things mostly, but no luck with acquiring anything… Like others said, good for getting rid of stuff, also things that charity shops don’t take like electrical things. Hope you’ll find some nice people in your group!


(Lets number 63)

Like others, I find I’m always too late when I ask for offered items. I am not soo keen on it now, the groups are too big and not a personal friendly community.

In our area we have “give and take days” across the borough. You have time slots that you can drop off stuff (very convenient) and the time slot when you can come and take stuff (you don’t need to have offered an item). I prefer these as local., if only at certain times of the year. Also depending on the object, I donate to local community hall/church to sell for tombola tables and local table sales. At least, I know money raised is going to a local cause.

Simone n bump xxx

Ooh, I was going to write how excited I am as I’ve just done my first bit of freecycling but now I’m not so sure confused Got people coming to collect a baby bath, cd player and wireless box so hope they turn up! They’re supposed to be coming by the end of the week so will let you know how I get on!

I haven’t been successful on anything I’ve asked for though and can see I will either be bored or obsessed by how quickly everything needs responding to.

Wish me luck xx

Our group is moderated and things have often gone before the messages have reached us which makes me wonder if the mods are grabbing what they want first and not giving anyone else a chance.


SAHM to B, R, E, M, S, J, A and A

Luciej - 09 February 2009 06:14 AM

Our group is moderated and things have often gone before the messages have reached us which makes me wonder if the mods are grabbing what they want first and not giving anyone else a chance.


We found this but it was because we were on daily digest (one email per day) where as other people do individual emails that appear as soon as the offer has been posted. If i’m looking for something in particular, i switch to individual emails then switch back afterwards so it doesn’t clog up my in box.

Little Miss 2007 Mr Moo 2011

GP Lets number 67

Our is moderated, and all messages are approved by moderators before being posted so I wondered this too.  Especially as the first message for something I just posted was sent off list and way before anybody else who then all replied in a rush an hour later hmmm


Mummy to four little ones

I’ve had mostly good experiences, though there were a few occasions when I had clearly announced an item as being taken, only to receive rather petulant emails from folks telling me why I should have chosen them which was annoying.  Also, one woman emailed me to tell me I was mad for freecycling an excersise machine and that I should have checked out ebay to see how much I could have sold it for.  Incredibly, she had asked for the item before I’d given it to someone else, so that’s obviously what she was going to do with it.  I know it saves something from landfill, although most of the stuff I’ve freecycled wouldn’t have gone to landfill anyway, but it spoils the idea of Freecycle as something generous and friendly.

Home educating Mammy to DD aged 13, DS aged 12, DS aged 10, DD aged 7, DD aged 3 and DS aged 2 weeks!!  grin

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