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We are off down to Great Ormond Street with littley (not the street, the hospital LOL) to get his new physio programme. 

Got everything crossed we all have a good night tonight as it’s usually pretty stressful as he normally screams blue murder whenever he’s being examined or seen by a Dr, and combined with the train trip we’ll be cream crackered tomorrow night.

Please send calming vibes his way,


Mummy to four little ones

Sending lots of loving vibes for your trip to London tomorrow.

Simone n bump xxx

Sending lots of love and calming vibes to you and your littley xxxx
Hope your trip to London is as stress free as possible xx

Hope it goes well. Rescue Remedy any good?

DS1~05 DS2~08

Sending calming vibes to you and littley for tomorow and hope his hospital visit passes off well, take care.

Alison smile

Hope it all goes well for you tomorrow.

sending calming vibes too.  Second the rescue remedy as well.

‘If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves’  Thomas Edison

best wishes and blessings for tomorrow. mayeb he will surprise you…william normally goes nutty when touched by strangers but allowed a nurse to take blood the other week without a whimper,
tis no fun seeing them distressed tho mama so i pray littley will be calm,
hugs em x

ianna, home edding mum to 3 kiddies, and the menagerie of pets!
LETS number 16

Hope it goes well today - lots of calming vibes coming your way!

Claire xx

Thinking of you and littley.  Hope it goes as smoothly as possible.

yeah adding my positive vibes too hon.


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Your vibes must have worked as it was a relatively stress free day grin  It all went well, and we saw some very poorly children which made us feel very thankful.  hmmm

We have a couple of his physio exercises now which we need to do daily for 20 reps, but will need to build up to about 25 different exercises daily for 30 reps with weights on arms and legs hmmm  eek!  Along with the swimming and gym and outdoor exercise we have to do, I am wondering again about whether a DLA claim would go through or not…. (especially with the multiple night wakenings which are related to his condition)

For anyone on DLA - do you get help with hospital visits?  This one cost us over £60 for transport down, and is every 6 months so is pretty chunky money…


Mummy to four little ones

Glad to hear your day wasn’t too stressful grin

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