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If anyone would like to sign the petition for funding for home education which is on the prime minister's website the address is

Thank you.

‘If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves’  Thomas Edison

All signed up, thanks for bringing this to my attention. X

I'm kind of cautious about lobbying for funding. I certainly feel that each child should get the amount the govt would spend on them anyway in funding to be spent on the education they wish, BUT, I'm worried that if the govt did start funding HE, they would get far more involved.MOre questions would be asked and rules imposed about what did and didn't 'qualify' as HE, and I fear freedom would be lost. Once taxpayers money is being spent, other people would feel they had the right to weigh in and tell us what to do and not to do. It's one to think about carefully.

Liz grin x

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I've got similar misgivings to JS, if HE was funded, the govt would surely need to set some sort of 'industry standered' thus effectivly being tantamount to a cirriculum?

I would suggest a clause in this sort of petiton etc, which states that minimum state intervention would be 'allowed' before readily accepting funding.

Just signed. My little one is only 11 weeks but we will definitely be home schooling!

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I am twitchy about funding aswell, mainly because I could see that some people may say that they are HE just for the money. If the funding was in resources/materials, then it would be a different matter, but it would need a lot of clarification.

After researching further I quite agree that there needs to be more clarification about what would be funded.  Materials, books, etc would be a great help but other than that I don't want them interferring any more than necessary.

‘If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves’  Thomas Edison

I am very cautious about the idea of funding for home educators.  Don't get me wrong, the extra money would be great but I don't think the Government gives much away without some surrender of control in return.  What would they consider as useful resources for example?  Most of our books have come from charity shops and car boot sales, I don't see how vouchers could be issued for these places and I wouldn't ever want to receive money if it meant I had to follow a set curiculum showing me how and when the resources could be used.  Would the Government really give home educators money when (in thier opinion) there are perfectly good free schools in everyone's locality? 

I also agree with what Juile says about the taxpayer having an interest/opinion in any money given by the Government.  Taxpayers opposed to home education, whose children attend private schools would feel that they were paying twice maybe.

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