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hey everyone

i’m lu and new here today. Based in Surrey. UK, we’re expecting our (unexpected!) first. I am pretty passionate about the way I want to do things, which is very different to how ALL of my friends and family do things, so I guess this is why I’m here!

In short, my partner’s a builder and I’m a behaviour analyst, providing consultancy for families with extra needs.

speak soon


Hi, welcome & congratulations! wow behaviour analyst sounds like a really interesting job i’d love to know more about what that involves. I’m sure you’ll find lots of likeminded people here grin

Lucy x

Welcome! This place is a breath of fresh air, and I’m sure you’ll love it smile

xx spring xx

smile  Wecome to this lovely supportive forum!

Helen xxx

Welcome on board… xxx

Sumo vestri semita sapienter- From Latin ‘Choose Your Path Wisely’

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GP Lets Member 1

Welcome- from another newbie, also with my first on the way :D

Kim,  Green Mama to Baby Caleb, born July 09

thanks everyone! looking forward to it. Green mummy to be - how far along are you? I’m going through birthing options at the moment and I’m only 6 weeks gone!

thank you! x

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