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Sheepskin…my dp is under the impression that sheepskin as in sheepskin pram liners/sheepskin shoes etc. have actually been acquired by harming the animal. I on the other hand believe that sheepskin is the fleece of the sheep…who is right?

as far as i'm aware then skeepskin is obviously not just wool but includes the sheeps skin! and clearly this cannot be taken whilst leaving the sheep in tact! so as i understand it sheepskin is from dead sheep as opposed to wool which is from live sheep…...............

Thats my understanding anyway!

Sheepskin is the skin with the fleece intact -

So is a byproduct of the meat industry,


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it most definatly is the skin plus the fleese. Although you can buy some cheaper products that are like sheep skins but not real skins

when life gives you a rainy day play in the puddles !!!
mum to 4 sons 13,7,4 and 2
a daughter 8 years ,
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Yep, unfortunately sheepskin is the fleece and all layers of skin of the sheep, ie it's definitely dead !  If you feel sheepskin you'll feel the nice furry wool bit and then the tougher 'skin' bit and you'll know what I mean.

i have just purchased one for my daughter and i love it. It has stopped the putting her into a cold bed and waking her up problem, now she just wakes up to the fact that she is not next to my skin !!!!!!!!!!

when life gives you a rainy day play in the puddles !!!
mum to 4 sons 13,7,4 and 2
a daughter 8 years ,
and always in my heart my angel xx

If it is a byproduct of the meat industry then if it wasn't sold as a sheepskin it would be wasted. Basically it;'s woolly leather then  wink

I am so naive at times it is untrue! I am not really sure where I stand on the leather/sheepskin issue. I really dont like the idea of wearing animal skin, even if it is a by product.

Would you consider the argument that by using every part of the animal, we honour its life and death?

There are eco-issues with sheepskins as there are with all leather, though, there's a lot of horrible chemicals used as part of the preservation process. It's worth checking out organic ones if going down that route.

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