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Can anyone recomend some books on enviromentle issues for a 12year old, for christmass. Would like to find him some nice factule books, we have some project books so would like something for reading. He loves graphic novels and has a wicked sence of humor,Fast Food Nation is one of his fav films which he loves to show it to his burger munching friends, and is quite good at tackleing issues. Any one know of anything out there that might fit the bill?  Oh and he's also a veggie.
Thanks Lorna x


I've not read any of the childrens ones myself as my little one is only three months but the CAT webite seems to have a lots that seem good smile
[url]’s Books&reinit=1/url]

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I know the Eden Project ahve books for smaller ones because we have some ourselves, not sure of the range for teens though.

Liz grin x

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A few that I know of are listed below, some I have seen and others I know friends have (who have older children than I do).

"You can Save the Planet" - Guardian publication aimed at teenagers

"An Inconvenient Truth" - Kids edition aimed at teenagers.

"Beyond the Bin: The Livewire Guide to Reusing and Recycling" by Jo Budd, includes stuff they can get the school involved in.

"Dirty Planet, the FoE Guide to Pollution" - Caroline Clayton

"If the World Were a Village" - Smith (although not sure if might be too young) - great book though.

"The Future of the Earth" - Arthus-Bertrand (also author of "The Earth from the Air" - excellent coffee table book!)

Hope this helps your search.

Another book on a slightly different note is 'A Forest of Stories' - magical tree tales from around the world, produced by barefoot books

It may be worth a look. Also try their website (or mine for that!) at

Let me know what you think…..


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