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I've had a search on the net, but I'm not convinced if there is such an item or not. Can anyone help or advise me otherwise?

many thanks

Off the top of my head, I would say any second hand pram/pushchair would be the greenest form of baby travel system other than a sling of course.  But maybe others here have better ideas.

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I guess the greenest form of 'transport' for a baby is a sling or your arms, but that's probably not the answer you're looking for.

According to Ethical consumer / ethiscore, the greenest is Baby Dan Pushchairs and Jané Pushchairs with 12 out of 20.
Next in line are Bugaboo Pushchairs, mamas and papas and silver cross - but none of these score particularly well. Even 12 isn't great.

Just out of interest, Huggababy Organic slings get 14 and BabyBjörn Baby Carriers get 13.5

I agree with wodgehog that second hand is the greenest option…........

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Going slightly off the point I know but prams/pushchairs are a real bugbear of mine. I've lost count of the number of people I know who've bought an all singing, all dancing chassis/ pushchair/carrycot thing and after a few months have abandoned their heavy, cumbersome monstrosity for a lightweight buggy. Goodness knows how many expensive unused prams there are in garages up and down the country. Such a waste!

:D Spot on, Helen!
I think deep down, alot of parents -to-be know this, but they just enjoy paying vast amounts of money for  the latest palace on wheels-  it's a status symbol as well, I couldn't believe the amount of showing off that went on amongst the mums when I had my first baby- it was a competition about who had spent the most.  I'm glad we got a second-hand pram, as my son hated going in it, so it ended up being passed on. we used our cheap little fold up buggy endlessly; who wants to lug a great big monster around with them?  Some of the baby care books are awful, though; they have great long lists of things the parents-to-be should buy, and most of them are totally unnecessary. Once you have baby number two, you've learned your lesson though!

:-[ I got talked out of a phil and teds with baby 3 in favour of a mamas and papas travel system.(Don't shoot me, there's a divorce and a five year age gap in the middle. I kept the wilkinet though)  Now nearly two years on, the car seat is too small but the three-wheeler buggy is still in daily service.
Unfortunately, it can't take a toddler seat, otherwise my life would be perfect. I'm trawling ebay and the nearly-new sales at the moment, looking for the buggy I didn't buy last time.

Freecycle is prob your best bet of getting one second hand, that or a local car boot. This would be a greener option than buying new. Perhaps we've found a gap in the market ladies?!

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