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Well I’ve just spent the last twenty minutes putting out my rubbish.

There were the green bags with glass and cans in, green bags with paper and card/cardboard in, a kitchen waste bin, a garden waste sack and a black bag with general rubbish in.

So does this mean that I either

a) make too much waste each week or

b) that my council is particularly good at collecting different types of waste seperately.

It was quite a shock seeing, what I consider, a huge pile of rubbish outside my house and it made me feel quite guilty about the amount of waste we make each week as this pile doesn’t include plastic milk bottles and tetra paks which we have to take to the recycling site ourselves and composted kitchen waste.

I consider any waste we put out for collection to be waste whether it is recycled or not. I know some people who feel very righteous because they put out five bags of recycling each week.  I try to explain to them that it still waste but they think that because it will be recycled it is fine to carry on making as much waste as they like.

I think I will seriously have start looking at ways to reduce the amount of rubbish we make.

I’ve tried having milk delivered but my milkman only comes three times a week and I’ve only got a tiny fridge.  I just don’t have the room in in it to put eight pints of milk plus the other stuff. My family drink loads of OJ and I can’t find an alternative to tetra paks but then if I did it would just make a different kind of waste.

I think I’ll have to keep a waste diary and see what my waste actually consists of.

I started looking at my waste earlier this year, inspired by articles on zero waste. 

I started by going to the market for my veg as it comes in paper bags not plastic trays and clingfilm, so now I happily put the paper bags on my compost heap. 
I’ve always refilled my ecover bottles rather than buying new ones.
I started using smaller rubbish bags - odd though this may seem it helped and I really think I’ve reduced my waste per week as a consequence.  I don’t get complacent about popping anything in the bin, I think about it before I do as the bag is smaller and as I live in a block of flats I can’t be bothered to run downstairs everyday with one to throw in the bin.
I’ve always recycled as much as the recycling facilities here will take and have an allotment so compost all my raw kitchen waste.
I keep old envalopes and paper for shopping lists and shred anything that is used up to go on the compost heap too.
I think zero waste is about reducing by as much as you can and this constant challenge is keeping me motivated!

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thankful that thorns have roses

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We produce way too much waste.  We probably recycle 60-70% of our waste but still it is an unbelievable amount and I want to reduce it.  I might try and write a buying strategy… 

Meal planning and shopping around that cut a lot of waste as I was buying too much food and it was going off, but I need to think about how I buy things to reduce the amount of waste.

I know OJ also comes in plastic bottles like milk but again, they are probably no better than tetra packs and beyond buying a juicer and oranges there is not a lot else you can do.


Mummy to four little ones

Just remembered - you can get orange juice in glass bottles from the milkman too but £££!


Mummy to four little ones

Yes - we can get fruit juices in glass bottles from the organic box people, but it is very expensive for the amount a 17year old drinks.  Also - my lot prefer apple juice, and while I do have a good juicer, which cuts down waste that way, it isn’t always practical to juice a couple of apples when you fancy a quick slug.  Our council does take tetra and some plastics, but you post has set me thinking.  Just yesterday I noticed a poster on the side of one of the refuse vehicles telling us how much we had recycled in the last year - and while that is good, and less is going to landfill, maybe they need to subtly begin to change the message to mking it easier to reuse.

one of our biggest waste problems was juice cartons. We seemed to get through so much OJ and Cranberry Juice that the kitchen was constantly littered with cartons waiting to be squashed and taken down to the recycling point. We started looking into alternatives to pure juices (I was also concerned about the amount of acid and the kids teeth) and have come up with the following. DD2 will drink tap water after all as long as it has a slice of lemon floating in it, DDs 3 and 4 drink diluted juices such as the Suma concentrates. We sometimes buy Rocks squashes because although they have sugar in I think it’s probably swings and roundabouts as to which is worse for their teeth. Sugar in a diluted squash or acid (+natural sugars) in a pure juice. DD1 doesn’t drink much of anything but she’s getting interested in herb and fruit teas as she gets older. In an ideal world they would all drink tap water but they seem to have inherited my gagging reflex when it comes to water. I can drink fizzy but not still.
LOL, DD2 is sitting at my shoulder whilst I type this and has just pointed out that she hasn’t had OJ for ages and that her “tummy” (read stinky farts and poos) have been a lot better recently! Another plus then wink

I agree though it is a total knightmare trying to consciously keep waste down to a minimum.

I would love to recycle way more that I do but the problem for me is that my local authority has the most daft scheme going. I have a garden box and a cerb box but that will only take glass, tin and paper every thing else has to be taken to a collection point. Thats great if you drive but we don’t. But what realy drives me potty is the fact that you can’t do all your recycling at the same point. The local Sainsburys have a collection point (1 bus journey) which takes glass, paper, tin, some plastic and clothes. If I want to do plastic, card, tetra or any thing else I have to travel to another point sometimes having to get two or three busses. Why oh why can’t our council just find somewhere and put all the collection bins in one place. 

I do compost and try realy hard to keep my waist down but since my old milk man packed in his round I’ve been drowning in plastic bottles as the new one only does plastic. AAAAAAGGGGG night mare….

Willa I think your council are ace they need to come and teach mine a lesson or two.

We have the same thing here.

We get collections of tins/glass/cardboard/garden waste but no paper!!  Or plastic bottles or tetra packs.  And we also have to go to two different places.  The tip is brilliant near hear but doesn’t have any tetra pack collections so I have to take them somewhere else.

Then you read about how recycling is rubbish for the environment and wonder whether it’s worth it anyway!


Mummy to four little ones

Well, our rubbish is collected every 2 weeks.  One week its general waste, and we put out 2 wheely bins, the second week, there’s a crate for glass, which we hardly use, 2 wheely bins for metal and paper, and a garden waste bin, but I have bought a compost thing, so have been putting most my stuff on that.  We’re moving house in a couple of weeks, and i’m going to look more closely at what we throw out, as I think we have way too much, although looking down our village, people usually put out more than we do!

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Our general waste is fortnightly and we put out one skinny wheely bin, then one of garden waste and cardboard fortnightly.  But tonnes of tins/paper/plastic.  hmmm


Mummy to four little ones

I was thinking the same thing today that we seem to produce loads of waste, despite being very careful. Our council is actually very good at collecting recycling (tho in all honesty I dont know how good they are at actually recyling it!!), they take pretty much everything inc glass, plastic, textiles and food waste (we do have our own compost, but they take cooked leftovers etc).
We get a veg box and have a milkman so not too bad there, and I now buy in bulk things like washing liquid etc but a lot of our ‘rubbish’ comes from our little pets - we have 6 hutches (various rabbits and guiena pigs). I do compost some of their bedding but there is too much to do all of it and I cant think of a solution (the one thing our council doesnt take is garden waste), the only advantage I guess is that I use all our newspaper and I shred all the other waste paper to use in their bedding.

Ally x

We limit our children to 1 gallon of OJ a week, 1 gallon of Apple Juice a week.  When it runs out they just drink our filtered water from the fridge.  We never buy sodas, and rarely processed foods so there’s little waste coming from there.  My wife cooks every evening and uses fresh ingredients and herbs from her own herb garden.  We’re not perfect but for a family of 6 we create about four - 13 gallon bags of waste a week.  We are also big believers in freecycle and selling stuff we don’t use anymore on Craigslist (another mans trash is another mans treasure)

We say we love flowers, yet we pluck them.  We say we love trees, yet we cut them down.  And people still wonder why some are afraid when told they are loved. 

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