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I am just so excited we ahve just visited a new steiner based pre-school/kindergarten that is opening up really close to us!  There are not many at all in Cornwall and this one is 20 mins away! 

We went for a look, complety by chance this afternoon and it is so lovely.  It is in a yurt, with a log burner, massive outside area, kitchen, veg patches, minature woodland, composting toilet and its just great.  Rowan loved it and din’t want to leave.  They can take up to 12 kids a day aged from 3 - 7yrs.  Perfect!

We have been wondering for while what the hell to do about school, as we don’t fancy mainstream for him, but HE wouldn’t be practical for us as I want to go to uni myself.  I am just so happy that this wonderful little school has been allowed to be set up!

Can you PM me details pleaes smile

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WOW this sounds fab, I wish there were more schools and Steiner school around like that. I finish a childcare degree this year and have been considering going into Steiner teacher training which I could do in London. Most of the people that I talk to about it though think I am crazy to be ‘wasting’ my degree by not going into ‘real’ teaching, lol. So am still considering it, anyway..

I am very glad that you have found such a great place, I hope Rowan will be very very happy there


Oh, it sounds wonderful!  Is it very expensive?


Mummy to four little ones

No you can get funding for it, which makes it even better!

leikima - 10 May 2009 07:03 PM

Oh, it sounds wonderful!  Is it very expensive?


I’ve emailed to see if we can go for a visit smile

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Oooh, sounds fabulous! - Home-education and Positive Parenting Website (work in progress). - Our Home Education Diary.

Sounds great, lucky you!  (well, Rowan!)

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not jealous, really not jealous at all LOL
have fun

One Happy Mama

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Well for all of you that are jealous, Rowan has had his name on the waiting list since Easter and still no places have come up!  downer

lol same for Kailen :(

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Is that the kernow steiner school in North Cornwall? I’m interested in that, but can’t find out much info about it. The website seems to be quite basic :-( Do you know where I could find out more?

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No, sorry its Zelda school in Gweek, way down west!

Oh, grrrrrrr! Haven’t heard of that one, but will look it up. I love West Cornwall. Lived in West Penwith for a couple of years grin Wish a Steiner school would open near Truro!

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”- From ‘The Prophet’ by Kahlil Gibran

That sounds fantastic… hope a place comes up for you soon!

I love our Montessori school, but I wish it was steiner/waldorf.

There is a forest school a bit further away, but it costs £200 for the DAY!!! I think the Montessori school are hoping to set something up though where they can take a group of the children to the forest school occasionally.

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Yes! i’ve just been looking at the Zelda school website!
Hopefully our little Steiner group will set something similar up here in North Devon!!

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