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... a carrycot? 

I freecycled the pram that the carry cot went on, and the carrycot never got picked up with it, but the people are not responding to my emails now.  So I am left with a perfectly useable carrycot, but no use to me :(  Another carrycot that was from an old pram which fell apart is currently being used as a book case!  But this carrycot I’m left with won’t lie flat (has a curved base) so I can’t really use it like that.  Any bright ideas as to what to do with it?

Stick it on freecycle, someone may need one!
Store stuff in it under the bed?!

DS1~05 DS2~08

Could you strip off the fabric and use it as a novelty planter?!

DS1~05 DS2~08

I second the planter idea, have a moses basket myself that needs planting now seeds are ready to go smile


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LETS number 64

Can it be used as a toy box?  Somewhere to put wool/fabric stash?  A pet-carrier?  Somewhere to put the guinea pigs while you are cleaning their hutch out?

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That’s it!  Somewhere to put all the wool!  And perhaps some of the fabric (wouldn’t get it all in there! red face)

If you still have the mattress you could use it as a kneeler for gardening !

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