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I'm wondering whether to take nutritional supplements for my second pregnancy. I generally don't go in for supplements as I reckon I have a really good (organic) diet, and I'm sceptical about how well the body can absorb nutrients from tablets as opposed to food. One GP I saw said supplementing was a total waste of money and another said it was really important.

I guess there will always be different opinions on this, but I'd be interested to hear from anyone who's thought about it…and any recommendations for specific products.

I'm thinking about just taking Floradix, as my iron is generally quite low (I'm feeling pretty weak and mildly nausious most of the time). Due to morning sickness, I most foods make me feel sick, so I'm not getting such a good diet at the moment (the only thing which really appeals is plain pasta, which is not great ::))

As you say, I would normally not think supplementing was necesary if you're eating a good and varied diet, however, pregnancy and especially pregnancy where you find your diet restricted by nausea and sickness can be a special case. I wouldn't supplement with iron unless you know for sure you're anaemic as it can increase nausea and constipation. If you need to supplment iron, I would go for Spatone iron-rich water as it is easily absorbed without these side-effects. Obviously you should always avoid extra Vitamin A when pregnant as it can cause deformities and/or miscarriage. Folic acid in the first three months is probably a good idea as it's quite palatable and evidence is clear in it preventing spina bifida. Or you could try and eat enriched breakfast cereals or marmite, both of which are rich in all B vitamins. If you are going to supplement, maybe think of an organic one such as Sage Pregnancy Supplement.
I found that liquid supplements were better when I was pregnant as I had bad sickness and tablets made me throw up. How about smoothies? The fresh smell and taste can often be ok despite nausea and you can get a surprising amount of nutrients all mixed up in a smoothie eg, whizzed up seeds, oats as well as fruit and yoghurt.

Liz grin x

Druid, boat-dwelling, home educating mum of DD1 (11), Aspie DS (9) and baby DD2 (2), & part-time step-mum to 2 stepdaughters, 9 and 7.

Hi squgglepuss,
i can totally sympathise with you on the morning sickness and foods issue - i am 6 weeks pregnant with my second, and feeling pretty yukky at the mo.

I personally do take a pregnancy supplement - pregnacare is my tablet of choice, same as the 1st time.
I dont take supplements any other time, as i too eat a mainly organic diet, with lots of fruit and veg. but i feel that my body is having so many nutrients taken away from it by my growing baby, coupled with the nausea (i am finding that i am off most dairy foods, and anything with strong flavours - i just want bland food), that i want to give it a helping hand.

Similar to Julysea's idea of smoothies, i find that i can quite easily eat homemade soup, as long as there are no tomatoes!

How far gone are you?
whats your due date?


Thanks for the suggestions. I decided that I might as well take supplements, at least for the first 3 months, as I don't really care about a potential waste of money just now, if there is the possibility they will do some good. I book I really like recommended BioCare's pregnancy tablets, but I couln't find them, so I've got Nature Plus Prenatal - never heard of this before, but Fresh & Wild usually has good stuf. Also taking an Omega 3 fish oil supplement as the same book recommended this for optimal brain development, and although I usually love fish, I can't bear to be in the same room as it just now.

Kate - I'm also 6 weeks pregnant with my second (not counting a miscarriage in August, also at 6 weeks). I'm not sure of my due date (haven't seen my GP but have done a fantastic self-referal to a community midwife service over the phone, which did not mention due dates) but my last period was 12th Sept. I'd love to swap horror stories with you - I'm finding it quite hard to just keep up with normal life at the moment as I mostly feel like going back to bed. Luckily DD (2.5 yrs) is OK for me to have a rest in the afternoon as long as I talk to her a bit. She plays with her teddies and turns story tapes on and off (she's more interested in the buttons on the tape player than the story) and climbs on me demanding to be read to, but it could be worse. I hate having to cook the eveing meal though. IN my first pregnancy, I think I stopped cooking for at least the fist trimester and DH had to do it all. That's not an option now.

I'm hoping to have home birth if everything goes smoothly. I had quite a good experience last time in a birth centre, but had to have pethadine to get some sleep part way through as it all took so long (I didn't sleep for 3 consecutive nights). SO long as it is shorter this time, I feel quite confident about it.

Do you have a boy or girl, and how old?

Best wishes, Tamsin

I have an account with Biocare so can get any of those supplements posted direct to you (just for future reference smile) that supplement you talk about is very good…......

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Hi Tamsin,

I have a daughter who was 2 in august.
my last period was the 10th september (we think conception may have been on our weding night - 22nd september!!), and i think i have an estimated due date of 16th june or thereabouts.

i know what you mean about being trying to keep up with normal life - thankfully i am not actually being sick, but i am so tired and nauseous. in the afternoons, i have to confess to putting bob the builder on (sky+ is my saviour!) so i can sit down and have a little rest. i have no idea how i managed to complete my degree last time tho?!
Like i said, i am off  most dairy food, and strong flavours/smells like coffee and alcohol - yuk! even the smell of redbush tea makes me ill, and the biscuits that me and my daughter make, make me sick aswell :(
oh well, only 6 weeks to go and it will ease  smile

i didnt have a great birth experience last time - i had an emergency c section when my dd became distressed, she had her cord wrapped around her neck and squashed up the side of her face, but i am hoping for a better one this time smile

glad to speak to someone else who is at the same stage as me,


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