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I planned a home birth but had to have an emergency C Section with my first baby.
I want to plan a home birth this time round but am beginning to come up against resistence!
Just wondered if anyone else had been through this and what happened, positive or negative experiences smile

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Hi, where is the resistance coming from? If you have the support of your midwives and partner thats the most important thing. I had resistance from one midwife at the hospital who didn't know what she was talking about but great support from my community midwives (who did the delivery) and funnily enough the midwife who ran the hospital ante-natal classes. It was she who convinced my partner! Stick to your guns, if its what you really want and are confident that you will be safe.

My partner is supportive of whatever choice I make but will have trouble being there/being totally with me through the actual birth as he is not likely to cope (yeah I know!) well and he will be looking after our first child.
The MW I saw today just looked at me like I was a crazy woman when I said I was planning a HB, I am 24 weeks and only just got a consultant appointment next week to discuss what happened last time and I guess advise me on what I should do.
MW said consultant will advise hospital, she advises hospital and consultant I saw at hospital unsurprisingly said hospital ! I know ultimately I can do what I like but if it means going against the MW's who would have to attend my homebirth I would feel like they were just waiting to whisk me off to hospital.
I've looked at the stats and unless something comes up ref my last emergency C sec that I am not yet aware of I think I am making the right decision but I just really expected the MW to support me when I spoke to her today.

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Sorry to hear your having a bad time of not getting the support you need.  Are there any other midwives at the surgery you can talk to, I know near me some are supportive and some aren't. Alot of midwives and consultants are fine with VBAC/HVBAC particularly after only 1 C-section.  I believe it does make a difference though depending on the direction of the incision of the section, my sister in laws was verticle  on the uterus rather than horitonzal, I'm not sure why or what it means though.  The other thing is have you though about having a doula for the support?  Or if your really coming up against difficulties speaking to a independant midwife.

I had planned a homebirth for my eldest but had to transfer to hospital after mid-labour as I had a lip on the cervix which wouldn't get out of the way and the baby was completely stuck for hours. We ended up having a ventouse birth in hospital. When I was pg with my son, I came up against resistance for having a homebirth with him, 'due to my history'. Several NHS midwives told me it was bound to happen again, though I refused to see a consultant as I knew I didn't need one. IN the end, I spoke to an independent midwife, just to get a second opinion really on what had happened first time and its likelihood of recurring, and they were so supportive that I transferred to their care at 28 weeks and had a spontaneous homebirth with no complications at 37 weeks. It can be worth just having a chat with an independent midwife even if you can't afford to go with one - they can offer you a professional second opinion and also a debrief of a previous birth which can really help in itself.

Liz grin x

Druid, boat-dwelling, home educating mum of DD1 (11), Aspie DS (9) and baby DD2 (2), & part-time step-mum to 2 stepdaughters, 9 and 7.

i too had an emergency section with my daughter - i am now 7 weeks pregnant and thinking about hb this time. when i spoke to my hv after my daughter was born, she said there was no reason why i shouldnt have a vbac or hbac.
basically, i was told that because the section was not due to an underlying medical condition, but to fluke conditions (cord round neck, and v distressed child) there is no medical reason why a vbac/hbac should not be attemped.
what was your section for?
if it was 'just' distress or anything similar, i see no reason why you should be refused!

Also have a look at this website, which has a section on HBAC. I found it very useful when I had a VBAC for my singleton:


the yahoogroup ukvbachbac is a fab resource, along with homebirthuk and ukmidwifery.  AIMS are great for specific info on how to get what you want, in this case you want supportive midwives and no consultant appointments *unless you choose to have them.*  Your body, your baby, your birth, go kick their arses wink

12 weeks ago i had a water birth after 2 sections. Both were planned home births but i went in at 39 weeks for the first with ? pre eeclampsia and 2nd was a transfer during labour. My god did i meet resistance on the 3rd when i said i wanted a natural birth !! I was very lucky and found a consulatant midwife who supported my desion and the birth of my 3rd was amazing. Ask if you have a consultant midwife where you are booked or near to you. AIMS is a really good resourse and so is the radical midwives association, if you can afford an independant midwife they are amazing but if not try to find the moeny to hire a doula at least you will have one advocate then !!

You CAN do this believe in yourself and your body, your body was made to birth this baby.

( look up hypnobirthing too, well reccomended )
Good luck

when life gives you a rainy day play in the puddles !!!
mum to 4 sons 13,7,4 and 2
a daughter 8 years ,
and always in my heart my angel xx

Thanks, I've scoured the net for resources and I joined the yahoo group the other day I'm sure I will ask a raft of questions on there very soon!
First I want to meet with the consultant to go through and get a copy of my notes from last time just in case something happened I am not aware of.

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hey Jennifer that is fabulous smile

I am currently 26 wks and planning a home birth after 2 c-sections.  I have independent midwives and they are super.  I planned for my previous two children to be home births and for different reasons I transfered each time and ended up with c-sections (one was posterior and classic 'failure to progress' and the other had the cord around him in a wierd way and although fully dilated he could not descend).  I had independent midwives with my second child also and their faith in me was amazing.  Even transfering was not so bad with two amazing supporters.  We were uber poor at the time but they didn't want to turn us away and set up a scheme where we payed £50 a month for about three years!  This time we have to may in advance and are taking out a loan.  I can't imagine many woman can afford care like this, but for me in my heart I know I need to be in a supportive environment to labour efficiently.  Odent claims those who are most 'high risk' need the least interventions and need careres to back right off and let the woman labour as to assure a quicker labour and better outcome for both.

I am apprehensive but feel positive.  I have the loan of a birth pool too which is new for me!  Very exciting.  No matter how much research I do it comes back to the same thing - that in this country more women die from c-sections and complications arising form them than they do from birthing vaginally  - including VBAC's.  I already have two children, I owe it as much to them as myself to do all I can to stay alive!  I don't think another c-section would help on that score.

I hope this thread stays active.  Let us know how you get on darstarbaby smile

Hi mamauk, good to see you back and hear everything is going well with pregnancy…. i did wonder how you were getting on!


Yes, I wa wondering too how you were getting on, lovely to see you back again.   smile

Home educating Mammy to DD aged 13, DS aged 12, DS aged 10, DD aged 7, DD aged 3 and DS aged 2 weeks!!  grin

[quote author=mamauk link=topic=622.msg7073#msg7073 date=1194274366]

I hope this thread stays active.  Let us know how you get on darstarbaby smile

will do, I am seeing the consultant on Weds afternoon smile so far the MW has said she doesn't think it's a good decision and she says the consultant will have the same opinion  ::) I was feeling quite deflated after meeting with the MW but feeling a bit more positive about it at the moment.

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Go on then, how bad was it with the dreaded consultant ???!!!!!!!!

Why did you have the section ???

Hope you are still feeling positive you cna do this


when life gives you a rainy day play in the puddles !!!
mum to 4 sons 13,7,4 and 2
a daughter 8 years ,
and always in my heart my angel xx

In a word it was awful.
Consultant read my notes on last birth and said problems were unique to that pregnancy and seemed to think a VBAC was achievable (stats are about 70% success rate).
Then the words 'home birth' got mentioned and she went on about the risks of uterine rupture and that IHO I have to go to hospital  ::) She sees less than 1/200 as an unacceptable risk yet I see it as 99.5% as quite good odds! I got some horrible scare stories but said I wasn't going to agree to a hospital birth so she wrote on my notes that we will 're-visit the decision' in 9 weeks time when I'm 34 weeks.
Pointless visit really. It just stressed me out and I got nothing out of it apart from a feeling that I am goping to come up against a lot of barriers for the next few months. Supervisor of midwives is my next stop I think.

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