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I’m trying to convert Hubby from dove soap.  He wants something that is moisturising (doesn’t dry his skin out like other soaps).  Can anyone recommend anything?  I’m trying to switch everything over to ‘green’ things via the Suma catalogue but he’s quite stubborn regarding his toiletries (I won’t mention Nivea either).


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Ooh, you sound just like me LOL Dove soap and nivea were my thing.

I’ve switched over to a hand made soap bar bought in our local green/health care shop and also a bar bought in oxfam.  I only now realise that the drying products in normal soap must be put in deliberately so you buy moisturiser! 

Since i’ve used the hand made soap bars without all the chemicals they clean just as well, smell nice and don’t dry out the skin at all!


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I’ve been using Faith in nature soaps - various varities, including the hemp seed one which seems to be brilliant for dry skin. DH loves it!

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I’ve been using the aloe vera Dr Organics soap from holland and barrett. They do other “flavours” too, and are very nice.
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Hi, I can second the Faith in Nature soaps.  The lavender one is really nice.

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Hiya - I’ll 3rd Faith in Nature - I use the Seaweed one which is the only soap both me and my little boy can tolerate.  Everything usually causes dermatitis (even other F in N soaps).  As an additional moisturiser I can’t beat Sweet Almond oil - non greasy and soaks into skin and I use for hands, face and body (cheap too).

Ill 4th the faith in nature lavender soap as this is what we use - along with the baby soap - which the girls use and its not drying at all and they have excema.

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thanks ladies, I’ll buy some and hopefully he’ll be converted - then I’ll make a start on his nivea wink

‘If we did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves’  Thomas Edison

We also use Faith In Nature soaps - I finally managed to convert my teenage son to it too and he also loves the Faith shampoos.  The Lavender is nice, and the Aloe Vera.  Also Pure Nuff Stuff do really lovely gentle soaps and hair and body bars, we use these too.


we are longtime converts of “poo” soap lol! but i 2nd the purenuffstuff soap too..i luv the one with poppy seeds in for cellulite!
em x

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And how about hydrating the hair with aloe vera masks. It is a natural way to maintain the hair with its maximum hydration. This article talks about it, it’s an article that I wrote on my blog, it’s in French but you can use the google translator, it’s understood pretty well

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