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Trying really hard to make sure I recycle/reuse everything I can….but have a couple of items Im not sure about….wondered if anyone knew or had bright idea?
I. A mooncup - only used it a couple of times and couldnt get on with it but its not the kind of thing I can give away!
2. A pair of worn out crocs - litterally holes in the soles

How about turning the Crocs into interesting planters for herbs or something?
Mooncup? Hmm…not sure. Cut the bottom off and turn into a quirky egg cup?! Cloche for a single tiny seedling?!

Sorry can’t think of anything else wink

lol at the egg cup

DS1~05 DS2~08

Second the idea of planters for the crocs. They’ll look fab. I have a pair of dd’s that I might use for that purpose. I think they’d look good with a creeping type plant in there, ground cover type.

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