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Great ideas - thank you! We still go on nature walks, so a bag for that might be a good idea and she really wants to get into make up - I’m saying no at the moment, but if I can make some suitable things I’m going to do that, perhaps do a ‘beauty’ set with soaps and bath bombs and some of the lip balm with a hint of colour I was looking into making.

God, she’d probably LOVE a noticeboard! I’ll have to drink loads of bottles of wine between now and then to do a cork layer - lovely thanks wink

I like the pencil storage tins idea too and she was looking at one of those plastic desk tidies the other day, so she’d love that..

Thanks for all the suggestions smile consider yourself a genius

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Any ideas on what to make for older girls?

I was thinking the same thing a while back so got my thinking cap on (my DD is 9 and 3/4, that 3/4 is very important so I am told lol). Anyway I have some silver smithing skills so am planning to make a earring and pendant set and pop it in a small embroidered bag. I am hoping to knit a new hat, make some beads from newspaper like these ones I have got this set and I love it, so thought I’d try to make some myself.

I too think I will make a bag, and maybe some pj’s - although I have fairly limited sewing skills so I am gonna try my best.

I have quite a few other ideas but may not get round to them for xmas, they include

making a small note pad, by making the front and back cover with handmade paper (which I am planning to put petals in) and using plain recycled paper for the insert.

making an apron for when she bakes

OOOOO I have so many more ideas ... but realistically I will never get them all done, lol

I hope this helps a lil


so ive just written my xmas list, and im doing the usual jams, chutneys, homemade choc and lavender hearts in hampers for the adults.

But im stuck on what to make for all my newphews and neices. I need somthing for a 1 year old girl; a 20 month old girl; a two and a half year old boy;a 3 year old girl and a 6 year old boy.

Im very arty, but not very crafty! I can only think of paintings for their room or handmade books. That could be very time consuming though. As Im making my 3 year old a dolls house from a wooden kit every eve at the mo for her present, im a bit short on time. And what can I make my son??!! Think I’ll have to buy his.

So what can I make for the LO’s then? I like someones idea of juggling balls for the 6 year old, but hes not that co-ordinated so maybe he’d really hate them. I love the idea of making a bag for the 3 year old girl, and finger puppets for the others maybe? Any website where I can follow a finger puppet pattern? Im sure theyre easy, but even a picture of what Im trying to make would be helpful!

Any other SIMPLE but effective ideas for 0-6 age range?

Bath bombs, any recipes out there?

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Just resurrecting this thread as I have made three lavender bags - yay!

I’m really happy about that, but it’s really hard finding time when DD is not around to make things!

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I’ve made an MP4 case - it’s terrible, but I’m incredibly pleased with it!

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Love your MP4 case starchild, have just finished making handwarmers for dd and have made her a lovely pumpkin hat now on to knitted fruit for the next birthday…this time of year is so busy for birthdays then we have christmas.  Hope my knitting speeds up smile

How is everyone else doing?

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Not sure if I am allowed on this thread as clearly organised mamas start in July!

But hey - I work well under pressure. 

I have just started my Christmas crafting and am aiming to knit a bag for a friend, socks for my Dad, make all our cards and also make gifts with the children that they can give.  (TBC lol!!)  Hmm - anyone placing bets??!

I am also a last minute merchant so will add a note today…lots of great ideas…Im having trouble sleeping at the moment and do find crafting in the middle of the night is quite a good thing to do….nice and quiet, and even the dog doesnt take much notice…

Someone asked about lino cutting…we have lino cut our cards this year and it has been a great sucess, I love it when something comes out professioal looking…maybe its just a nice change because other things of mine are oftern a bit wonky iykwim!...I picked up a wooden handle with a set of lino cutting blades and a little roller at a charity shop, then bought one tube of water soluble printing ink and a small sheet of lino (it was grey, Im sure when I was at school it was brown though?) at an art shop…it would be quite expensive to buy the whole lot with lots of lino and different colours new, ...Carys (nearly 9) did a small square yesterday evening and I did have to help her a bit with the cutting out the pattern and sit next to her reminding her to keep her fingers out of the line of the blade…I have not done this since I was at primary school, and only tried it this week so still working on technique..but we rolled some ink around on an old plastic lid to get it even on the roller before putting it on the lino, trial and error to get deep enough cuts and the right ammount of ink, then put on paper and we are rolling the back with a rolling pin…remember to reverse any lettering (like I didnt the first time…doh!)...not sure how suitable it is for much younger children just because its quite difficult to cut (but you can always cut out designs they have drawn in pencil, or just do the finer bits) cant correct mistakes…and I dont know if it would work with paint..also dont know how long the blocks last…but we have had a great time and I would recommend having a go to anyone…hopefully we will also be able to make our own stamps for other projects with it too…will try and up load a photo if I can find the cable…

Also picked up a small un-used screen printing kit from the same charit thats next…

I am also knitting…for the first time in a while…and have so far knitted a hat thats far too big for anyone (even my dad, who has a huge head, who it was intended for) so may end up as a tea cosy…one and a half slippers (so far) for my stepmother that look a little too triangular, but never mind…I then decided I really did need to follow the instructions for needle size and wool type (still havnt really got round to working out guage) and knitted a mobile phone cover for my mum…really pleased that it looks the same as the one in the book grin including the fairisle belt thing around the top…maybe if I actually follow the instructions…am now going to knit a hat for Carys…from the same book (Emma king) and am also working on a few knitted christmas tree decorations from the lets knit magazine, was going to give these to Carys teacher but running out of time…

Have no idea what else Im doing….jars of chutney/jam that need nice labels and fabric tops putting on…probably some lemon curd nearer the time…waiting for Carys to finish school next Friday so we can do things together…quite fancy trying out the bath bomb recipe from the magazine…if I can find it..

Oh yes…I have some wooden clothes pegs I want to make into Angels for the tree…anyone got any tips for what works/doesnt if they have done any before? Havnt made peg dollies since I was little…

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