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What do you re use instead of recycling / throwing away?
And how do you avoid your house looking like a landfill while all the stuff awaits re use?

Yummy Mummy of 3 children and 4 chickens and a greyhound who would like to be greener.
Love knitting and sewing and making cakes.
Pro-breastfeeding, meat-eater, recycler, realist.

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I have a bag of stuff to go down the allotment full of old CD’s (bird scarers), plastic drinks bottles (toppers for canes to stop netting poking through), yoghurt pots (for planting seedlings in).  I then have a bag of stuff in my bedroom full of material salvaged from other clothes/ projects ready to made into other things, a box of jars in the garage for pickling, jam making etc, cream jars awaiting homemade toiletries, toppers taken off cards awaiting being made into other cards, clothes in bin bags awaiting children to grow into them, LOADS of stuff awaiting the NCT sale accumulating in the ensuite (don’t ask),  wood in the garage and the shed for other things projects, and lots of stuff strewn everywhere else awaiting places being found for them. 

So basically I sometimes wish I could just throw things away, but my conscience just won’t let me.  And yes, we do look like a landfill site!

Any containers, particularly yoghurt pots, I use to freeze stuff and use as water play items for my son. I’m saving any nets (but we don’t have so many now we have a veg box delivery) to make a big scrubby thing. Clear plastic or glass bottles I fill with beads etc and give to Cailean to play with.

So, TBH most of it goes to my son to play with (that sounds awful!!!). I can’t wait for the day when containers and cartons etc are used for model making!

p.s I have lots of cupboards to fill with clean plastics… admittedly I’m going to start collecting plastics that aren’t collected by the LA and also convince a neighbour to do the same so that she can drive us down to the local recycling collection point.

Co-sleeping, cloth nappying, baby-wearing, breastfeeding and baby-led-weaning mum to DS (Dec ‘08)


Our house looks like landfill, it annoys the heck out of me but I just can’t throw the stuff away. Maybe one day I will just snap and it will all go :( I’ve got a huge sack of envelopes for re-using, boxes of jars/bottles/piles of paper… the list goes on and on.
I’ve tried offering jars and things on freecycles but no one wanted them there!

DS1~05 DS2~08

I’ve got a big basket of things for the girls to ‘make things’ with (pots, toilet roll tubes, small boxes, interesting bits), a bag of clothes with holes/stains in to be turned into rags, toys or other things, a wooden pallet to be turned into kindling for the fire, glass jars to be filled with pulses etc that came in plastic bags, and I have to be ruthless with myself, otherwise there’d be no room to live, because I would hoard more, you never know when it might come in handy!



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