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I’ve been looking for paper sandwich bags for ages and today I found them in Aldi - £1.99 for 50.
They are made from greaseproof paper which is compostable.

Thought someone else might be searching too!

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Thank you!  Yes I’ll be off to Aldi.  I like to use greaseproof paper for school lunches but use the tear-off stuff and can never find an elastic band or something to hold it all together.  Bags will be ideal.

I was just about to post this!  i just spotted them in aldi too.  Better stock up though as they’re bound to never be in there again grin

Also they had a preservative/additive/something elseive free beauty range in there that I’ve not seen before.  Shampoo/handwash etc. 


Mummy to four little ones

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