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Hi I was wondering if there are any green premmie parents here? My baby was born in early may, at 27 weeks, Joseph is doing well. Unfortunately we’ve not been able to breastfeed (although I did express for the first two months), and a lot of the other things I had hoped to do as a new parent have not been possible, it broke my heart the first time I had to go and buy Pampers, although we’re about to start on cloth now Joseph’s bottom is a bit bigger grin

On the positive side some things I was keen to do, such as use a sling, have been ideal for Joseph and we get loads of comments on the Kari-me sling! He loves it!

Welcome Kylie,

Congratulations on the arrival of Joseph and I’m glad he’s doing well, it must have been a big shock to you.  Two months of expressing makes my boobs hurt just thinking about it - I was never very good at it!  You both look very happy in your Kari-me.  Tom always loved being in his.

Tom’s not a preemie but I wanted to reply anyway and say Hi.

sarah x

Thanks Sarah, we might be the only ones smile

It was terrifying, I had early onset pre eclampsia, and had to make a swift decision whether to have a c-section….. Joseph was only 1lb 7oz when he was born!

Obviously I am delighted to have a beautiful baby boy (who is asleep on my chest as I type) but I was sad not to have my natural birth I had planned and to bring Joseph up in a gentle loving environment. I still cry about the breastfeeding, but hey ho. It breaks my heart everytime I look at the box of Cow and Gate Nutriprem 2 on the kitchen counter!

He amazed all the doctors, and I think it was down to the fact that we explained everything to him, and encouraged him to use his natural resources to grow and develop. From day one we called him our little Action Man and refused to give in to negativity. The staff in the hospital all thought I was mad, but I am used to that! I started baby massage on day three, and one of our lovely Indian consultants wrote me up as a prescription!!!

Hi Kylie
Congratulations on the safe arrival of your little man! 
Noah wasn’t prem, but we had a similar experience of parental aspirations not going as planned - he was born with a cleft lip and palate so that was bf out of the window (I expressed too), and also a tummy blockage that meant he spent his first four weeks in a neonatal surgical ward, attached to various tubes and wires.  But the nurses and surgeons were very keen for me to hold him so we had lots of cuddles, and I was able to sleep on a camp bed next to his cot.  The day he was unhooked from his last bit of equipment and I took him for a walk down the ward to see the fish tank is a very precious memory!
It sounds as though you are doing fantastically well - nice to ‘meet’ you, x

No preemie baby here either, but also just wanted to send a warm welcome and massive congratulations to you and your strong little man!!  With the circumstances you’ve been faced, it really sounds like you’ve done brilliantly and should be really proud. I’m sure many will agree that 2 months of expressing would be hard going!!  I also know that you’ll find nothing but supporrt here if you do feel like you need to work through how your feeling about the bf.
( They really are a lovely bunch smile  ) 

Sib x

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Hi Kylie,

It’s lovely to hear how well Joseph is doing! It must have been quite a shock him being born so early, but it sounds like you’re really enjoying motherhood. I love carrying my little boy too - on my back now that he’s 2!  smile Glad to hear his bottom is big enough for cloth now - bless him!

Charlotte x

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Hi Kylie

Just wanted to say hi ‘from the other side’. In my non-mummy life I work in a big NICU- so know about the uphill battle to bring home a precious 27 weeker. Balancing that job with green ideals is sometimes difficult- I do appreciate the tug of war between ideals and necessities. In my mummy life I have had to make a lot of unwanted compromises too- some of which haven’t been aided by my background.

If you ever wanted to discuss anything- then give me a go!


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All the best Kylie, we had a preemie, born at 24 weeks weighing 1lb 9 oz, he’s 5 now and you wouldn’t know he was born early, apart from being a bit on the small side.  Wouldn’t wish the experience on anyone, but somehow you get through it!

Hi there
Owen was born 7 weeks early- but weighed in over 4lbs. I completely understand what you mean about the birthing- I had to have an emergency section under general anaesthetic for placental abruption and landed up in high dependency myself, with owen in special care- so I didn’t get to see him until the following day… long face
Owen loved the sling too and sleeping on my chest….I seemed to spend many of the first few months propped up in bed with him sleeping there!!!
Now he is just passed three and has totally caught up with everything (for the first year or so he was noticably smaller than his friends of similar age)
take good care of you and your lovely babe

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Hey smile 
James was 4 weeks early but he was only 4 lb, due to IUGR.  The day before I was due to go in for an induction, where I hoped to have as normal a birthing experience as possible - active - birth pool etc, I noticed he had stopped moving.  So after a very fast rush into hospital - emergency CS under GA and he was out - alive and well.  I didn’t see him until 8 hours later, when I was wheeled into scbu, still in my bed.  Once i was unhooked from all my bits and pieces, about another 8 hours later, I got to hold him and gave the breastfeeding a go.  He really took to it then and has never looked back (sometimes i think he has never stopped smile)e hated every sling that I tried to put him in, and so I felt the same about the pushchair as you do with the formula!  He will be 3 in a few months and is a great wee boy and is tall like his Dad.  He has a slight problem with fine motor function in his left hand, but that is coming along now with visits to the chiropractor, aromatherapy and general encouragment. 
I hope you enjoy the forum - it sounds like you are a very gentle and lovely Mum. xxx

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