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When is the best time to tell your child/ren you are expecting?
My daughter is 2, and i am 12 weeks pregnant. Now 6 months is an eternity for a 2 year old - do i wait until i show, or a few weeks before im due?

Some people have already told her that 'mummy has a baby in her tummy', but im not sure how much of this she understands.

Hmm, I'm tring to remember when I told my eldest dd that her little brother was on the way.  She would have been much younger though, only 9 months old I think when I conceived.  I think if I was you, I would wait until you are showing a bit and then break her in gently.  My three year old still looks confused when I say there is a baby in my tummy, when you look at it, it's a kind of irresponsible place to keep a baby, or that's the look my lo gives me anyway!   :D  I think I'd mention it lightly every so often once you start to show and then nearer the birth time, maybe involve her by showing her the baby clothes and getting her to pick out her favourite ones etc and look at pictures of babies together.  I think that's what I'd do anyway.  With this pregnancy, I have told my children quite early on as my eldest is 9, so my youngest has sort of known for a lot longer, but if it wasn't for the older children, I'd have waited a bit longer I think as 9 months is a long time and when you tell a toddler something is giong to happen, they always think you mean NOW!!   ::)

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DS is 2 as well and I had to tell him quite early on as I had some bleeding issues that meant he could no longer use me as a trampoline lol I just explained by saying that the baby was in there and didn't want to get squashed. He now waves at the baby, kisses it/my belly and seems to comprehand there is something in there! Haven't really spoken about it coming out yet mind you  ;D

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I told bailey as soon as i knew, he was 18 months when i concieved with my 2nd.
I think a good rule is to tell them when you tell other people, i am sure its confusing for them to hear it off others first and not you. They do pick up on conversations and might get a bit worried about what is going on. If other people know its time to sit down and have a chat about what happening.

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a daughter 8 years ,
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I don't remember really, I told the bigger ones when we found out about dd3 and 4 but I don't think I told dd1 about dd2, she was 14m when dd2 was born anyway, and I can't really remember when I told dd3 about dd4.  I don't do a lot of chat about things though, apart from (oh yes I remember now) watching homebirth videos a bit before the due date, lol.

My little girl was 16 months when I got pregnant with number 2.  I can't remember the exact tim eI told her but she knew pretty early on - I had to explain the difference in me!!  I had terrible morning sickness (until I had acupuncture!) and she was very hpysical with me so I had to curtail that whilst I felt so bad.  She would point early on to my tummy when someine mentioned baby and she never had a problem with it.  In fact when I was starting to show you used to kiss baby through my tummy which was so cute.

DD knew pretty much as soon as we did due to all the throwing up and the fact that I could barely get out of bed for several months - we had to tell her so she wouldn;t worry. She also came to all my appointments with me as I had no-one to leave her with, and then once we swutched to an independent midwife she became much more involved - the IM was great at involving her, helping DD to warm the stethoscope thing, putting her hands on my tummy to help her feel DS's bum and stuff. PLus, she actually had a knitted uterus with a baby doll for DD to look at and play with! DD was only just turned 2 when DS arrived but she was thoroughly clued up and involved.
If I hadn't been so ill, I would ahve waited till 12 weeks to tell DD, due to my recurrent miscarriage problem. Luckily I only had one miscarriage before getting pregannt with DS and it was an early one without a need for hospitalisation so DD was unaware of that.

Liz grin x

Druid, boat-dwelling, home educating mum of DD1 (11), Aspie DS (9) and baby DD2 (2), & part-time step-mum to 2 stepdaughters, 9 and 7.

I cant remeber when I told dd1 about ds1 as I conceived when ddi was 7m but I am expecting again now and I told them both after the 12 wk (well 15 for me) scan because I wanted to tell other people and didnt want them to hear about it from other people. If you can wait then you're right it reduces the time your child is waiting for their sibling to arrive. My 3yo is desperate for the baby to arrive but my 2yo isnt that interested.
Leah x

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