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DS has always slept with us either between DH and myself on top of the duvet in his own sleeping bag, or between me and the bedguard directly on the sheet in his sleeping bag.  He is out growing his sleeping bag and I'm hoping to avoid buying some in the next size up and was wondering whether your LOs just sleep under your duvets, and how you stop them over heating if they do.  I figured if he was on the edge of the bed he could kick the duvet off if he was hot but if he was between me and DH he'd be a bit trapped under the duvet as we both pull it up to our necks when we are asleep.  How do other people get around this problem?  (DS is 18 months and has always been a sleeping bag baby, our house is normally quite warm but we sleep with the window open and no heating until morning so the temp does vary a bit!)

We don't co-sleep all the time but regularly have one or both of our 6 month olds in with us. They sleep in sleeping bags if they're in their own bed but we take them out if they're in our bed as they get too hot. They usually sleep between the two of us so I quite often move the pillow to a side and let the boys sleep slightly higher up in the bed so I can still have the duvet right up to my neck without covering them. I've found if they've sleeping with us I'm always quite conscious of how warm they are so can move them accordingly. If we don't notice they soon let us know if they're cold!

DD either sleeps on a mattress next to ours or in bed with us.  She just sleeps higher up the bed and I either wear a fleecy jumper in bed and have the duvet under my armpits or I snuggle down lower in the bed.  She's now 2and 1/2 so she's fine about wriggling out of any extraneous duvet, for example if she's between us and is a bit warm.   When she was little, I slept with a fleece on and the duvet down about my waist level, with her between me and the bedsider as I was concerned about overheating.  However, as Matt says, I've found that I've always been very aware of her even when I was asleep.  So, I'd recommend a nice cosy fleece for you and DH  ;D

Gosh, how romantic / sexy I sound, I'll be recommending slippers and a nice cup of tea next.


My DD sleeps with me and she goes under the duvet but I keep it lowish and she is really good at kicking it off ;D  She has never seemed overheated.  We didn't put her under the duvet until she was about 12 to 13 months old though and then it was summer so we had an extremely light one.  Before that she did what your DS does and had a grobag on top of the duvet.  Mind you my DH sleeps on the floor on a roll mat (I know!) because he has i bad back plus ansomnia and feels he can't move about if DD is in plus he feels a bit scared of rolling on her.  We have loads of room in the bed between me and DD so it actually feels rather cool temp wise.  On the nights when DH does come in it gets much much hotter and I usually take off her pj top but that is not often.


Oops I mean INsomnia ::)


we have 6tog feather duvets and keep the heating on overnight.

Dd always slept under our duvet with us - a 15 tog feather one  ;D and I used to frequently fish her out from under it during the night; it was never a problem as I would automatically wake up if she got too hot…............

I'd pop him on the outside if you are really worried smile
or do as trogette did and get a lightweight duvet.

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I like feather ones particularly for co-sleeping cos they're flexible enough to keep baby's head out when their head's at boob-height :D

we have a down duvet and i have never worried about temp stuff. i just assume i will wake if it is too cold or too hot.

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With both of ours, they used to sleep between me and the wall when they were little, so I used to ahve the duvet over me but not over them and they'd ahve their own blanket, but by the time they were 10 months or so I knew they could wriggle out from under the duvet pretty well is they were too hot and they just went under that with the rest of us. as others have said, I tend to wear a jumper or dressing gwon in bed so that I can have my top half out of the bed for children to be draped over or feeding from without me getting too cold.

Liz grin x

Druid, boat-dwelling, home educating mum of DD1 (11), Aspie DS (9) and baby DD2 (2), & part-time step-mum to 2 stepdaughters, 9 and 7.

When dd was a baby we tended to use a sheet and either cellular blanket on our bed or a fleece blanket.  Now she 18 months and tends to be in her own bed more often than not but if she is in with use she plonks herself wherever she fancies on the duvet, under it, she often kicks it off or crawls up to the top of the bed and pushes MY pillow out of the way so she cam sleep along the head board!!!

She does tend to be on the warmer side as we find she always kicks covers off and takens her clothes off too, the way we've found to get around this is to put a cotton sleep suit on with cotton PJ's over the top.

We coslept with both Mia and Tarka, and they both slept under the duvet with us from birth.  Wenever havethe heating on overnight and sleep with the window open for much of the year.

I think by 18 months your ds will wriggle a bit and let you know if he is either too hot or cold, so you should be fine snuggling up with him under your duvet!

Gina xxx

DD sleeps in between us under the duvet. If she gets hot she wringgles her legs out and over the top

By 18 mths E was in between the 2 of us with our quilt.  She used to sleep higher up the bed than us and would wriggle out when she wanted to.


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