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I have a big pile of Good Food magazines in my kitchen. I have made the recipes I like and need the space. I offered them here and some people wanted some, but still plenty left. I have offered them on freecycle, but no one was interested. I have taken some to a retirement home in the past, but as I imagine people there can’t cook (eat from central kitchen i mean), I don’t want to give them a pile of 20 of the same magazines - I would feel a bit mean almost. So, apart from throwing them in the paper recycling, which is the last resort, does anyone have any other ideas how to shift these magazines so that someone has some use out of them? I did think food tech teachers, but have no idea if they could use them, but will try to find out. Any ideas welcome! Thanks for your help!



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I was going to suggest schools or a college that teaches cooking, etc.

Hello sunshine smile  I have stacks of Gardeners World Magazines that I have the same problem with - I now use them to make collages with my little boy.  I use a seasonal or colour theme ... maybe you could do something similar with your child/children and magazines smile

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How about using some of the lovely food pictures to make some envelopes out of?

I also take any unwanted magazines to the hospital when we are in every six months with DD1, there is always a shortage in the parents accomodation rooms and the waiting rooms, could always do with a restock. The play specialist also uses them for cutting and sticking on the ward.

Motherherb beat me to it!  LOL  I’m sure I saw on Mamauk’s blog that she had made some really great envelopes from old magazines.  I have heaps of knitting magazines that I don’t want any more and that keep avalanching all over the bedroom floor!  I’m going to try the charity shop for those though as I think they could still be useful for their patterns.

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Food magazines are great for making children’s shopping lists for going round the shops/supermarket with. Cut out apples, bread etc etc and stick on card board so they can look out for the next item and ‘tick’ them off. Great for getting a difficult LO to be ‘helpful’ when out shopping!

I use good food magazine alot with my learners, both for cooking inspiration and for using the pictures in our work (collages etc…). I teach adults with learning disabilities at a college of FE, so if you have a similar course locally I’m sure they would be very appreciative.

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