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...just how dangerous ARE they in pregnancy??

I try, like many of us on here, to keep away from chemically packed toiletries etc, but come pregnancy, you are advised to avoid the (natural) essential oils, i guess in favour of the artificial ones.

How dangerous are they really?
I have been told that rose can bring on contractions, but apart from that one?

It just seems backwards to me!

lavender is not good in early preg if things are a bit not-entirely-sticky as it helps bring on periods.  rosemary can raise blood pressure…  rose I would *think* is a hormone balancer and therefore I would think that it would be fab in preg as it will only bring on contractions if you're ready to make them, iykwim?  But really you need to talk to an aromatherapist who has particular interest in pregnancy.

Hi ecomum - if you let me know which ones you use and for what reason then I could advise on their use throughout pregnancy.  I'm a holistic aromatherapist and quite happily used essential oils throughout two pregnancies, and advised other pregnant ladies!  But yes you are right to be aware of some of them.  Let me know  smile

we tend to use lavender a lot, and also frankinsense (but not too often - its expensive!). I love lavender in my bath in the evening.
I  have a neals yard bath oil that has orange and geranium in it and i am really missing it!

But i also worry about my natural products like shampoo and shower gel that are made using essential oils - should i give these up?

ETA - i probably should tell you i am 13 weeks - past the real danger zone, but still quite early

The essential oils you mention are all 'safe' through pregnancy, however I would advise that you use them at a lower concentration than before you were pregnant - if you were making up an massage oil (essential oil in a base oil) then dilution should be 1% (ie for every 30ml base oil you would add 6 drops).  Whilst pregnant and breastfeeding I add 4 drops to a bath (as opposed to 6/7 drops).  I don't know if the Neal's Yard give a percentage concentration on their bottles but most products which contain essential oils would not be concentrated enough to worry about.

As with everything when you're pregnant you have to go with what feels right for you - also bear in mind that you react differently to smells throughout pregnancy and your skin can become more senstive too.

Lavender and frankincense together is a beautiful combination, and if you have it you can add bergamot for good measure!

Anymore questions just ask  smile

Ok well here is a different perspective on using EO's at ANY time.  I love Susun Weed's herbal lore and information and this from her site for me was really interesting and I have really, really cut back my EO use:

The further link she provides (highlighted in blue) to her own website in regards to essential oil use is also very informative and enlightening.  This is it in case one wants to skip the first one smile

I have Susun Weed's book  Wise Woman for the childbearing year and it is a fantastic resource.  I can never look at the humble nettle again without wonder :lol

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