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We want to get wooden castle for Reu this christmas but although the Myriad one looks lovely, even the basic set there we couldnt afford , does any one know of any where else to buy them ? a simple life in fabulous Cornwall with my gorgeous boys ....

Asda had one last weekend for £20 reduced down from £60ish. It was on display so had a play and although wasn’t the best quality (obviously at that price) it did look ok and was fairly big with slot together pieces. It was plain so could paint yourself or leave natural.
hth and happy shopping, Kate xxx

Lanka kade have a couple of nice ones..

Fair trade too! smile

L x

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I was going to say about the asda one too, they looked really nice.


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Last xmas one of Rye’s faux aunties bought him a fairy castle; it’s a slot together one too and the quality is rubbish and it’s plywood not proper wood - and when I finally got around to putting it together I discovered they had put two of the same sides in - so while I can make all the towers etc it doesn’t slot together at one side (but I only got around to putting it together a few weeks ago so can’t really take it back lol).

And as much as I think it’s absolute rubbish - I have to say Rye loves it and plays with it a lot.  The fairy castle I think was bought from Argos and I think it was £20-30 quid - so I’d say buy one similar if you don’t mind the quality being a bit rubbish and of course it won’t last forever.  In the last GP magazine issue (not the one just published) there was a company that did cardboard ones and they looked pretty good and were of a similar price (if not cheaper), and at least with those, they are recycled.

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we got one for bens 3rd birthday off ebay its a plan toy castle and came with lots of knights and a dragon and was a bargin ! its really well made and 6 months latter after lots of play is still in one piece smile
I would stay well clear of the le Van toy castle as its really rubbish made of pretend wood stuff that will not stand up to a childs play .
good luck with your castle search smile

Lucy xx

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My mom has bought toby the ASDA one for christmas and we’ve had it out of the box to have a nosy at. It’s obviously not up to the same quality as the myriad ones, and it *is* plyboard type stuff but I think it’s great smile I’ve bought him some little wooden soldiers to go with it because he is obsessed with Pippin Fort and the soldier boys from Camberwick Green. It’s been reduced from £75 to £30 and then down to £20, so it’s a very expensive toy for not a huge amount of money smile

Here is another one, if you can get hold of a discount voucher, could be more affordable we got sent a 15 % voucher with our catalogue, its expired now though

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Blinking google, discovering things that look lovely !!!!!

DD1 - Nov 04
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Wow Sky, that is flipping gorgeous!!

the castle on the link that sky put up is the one we got for Ben off ebay smile it is super duper good quality would highly recomend smile

+*+Mummy to Ben 3yrs ,Daisy 21months and baby due January +*+

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