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How do you go about recycling them?  Do you just put them in the steel or aluminium can bins, or do you have to try to clean them first, and if so, how?  It’s the one thing I’m never sure about, so usually end up binning them :( 

Be grateful for any pearls of wisdom.

I put them into the cans recycling box (we have a curbside scheme) - I don’t try to clean them - can’t imagine how I would!

I pop them in with the cans too, had never occured to me to clean them smile

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I have to bin ours. If I pop them in with the cans the men that come to empty the boxes leave them in the box and stick a “contaminated” sticker on our box reminding us what can and can’t be put in there! I must live in a pants area for recycling ‘cos there’s still loads we can’t recycle!

I am training to be a Waste Prevention Advisor and we have heard about this problem of contamination during the course- it can cause a whole bale of recycling to be dumped because the price they get for it depends on its quality.
I’ll ask about the toothpaste tubes at my next session tomorrow.

Also worth knowing is that if you have a co-mingled recycling kerbside collection (where you can mix glass/paper/plastic etc all together in a special wheelie bin) then it is not helpful to sort glass in one bag, plastic in another etc inside you wheelie bin yourself. If bags like that come on to the conveyor belt at the recycling centre they have to pull it off and it goes to landfill as they can not risk opening it in case it contains dangerous material.

Well, I asked and it should be fine in with the metal recycling. There maybe a trace of the contents left but that is not a problem as it will burn off at the hot temperatures they melt it at. But, as with all things to do with recycling, the definitive answer would have to come from your particular recycling company/council dept as it can vary depending on who is actually receiving the stuff. HTH

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