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I love this forum but sometimes there are faith issues i’d like to discuss that wouldn’t fit in here…does anyone know of a good Christian parenting forum?
There are a lot of super strict parenting ones but i’ve only come across one AP one yet it i felt i wouldn’t fit in bc i’m not hippie enough!

Homeschooling Mummy to two little boys born August 2005 and November 2007 and a little girl born April 2010.

This one is one i often look at, it’s very friendly.

I agree with September - GCM is a lovely site

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Yup GCM is really good. I’ve been a member there for years.

I do think registration is closed atm. But it should open up again after Christmas for a few weeks. You just need to keep an eye on it.

I fourth that one.  smile  I didn’t join for ages because I didn’t feel hippy enough lol, but I gradually got more hippy anyway.  Plus, no flaming on hippy/non hippy issues.  wink

PS - Look, you’re not alone here either!

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I second Sarah…I’d love to discuss Christian parenting issues here, seems like we have quite a contingent to work with! Maybe just make it clear in the original message that you’d like a Christian perspective, and post in this section, to save any confusion?

Mama to three small beautiful souls
GP LETS No. 90

Don’t know if it helps or not, but I would love to see Christian or other religion based issues being discussed on here as I am very aware that we are a very mixed bunch and you never know it may help others on here as well wink

I do hope that helps,

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it was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
we borrow it from our Children.

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i am not christian but would gladly love to hear other peoples views i am not judgemental on these issues and do truly love hearing on how other people live there lives within there own faith.

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Another person chiming in for GCM here. I have been away from this forum for abit (cos Im slack lol) but GCM is great - Im there too often.

Love and hugs

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Wow! I really didn’t know there were other people on GP interested in talking about or listening to parenting from a Christian perspective!
Perhaps I’ll be braver in some of my future posts ;’)

Homeschooling Mummy to two little boys born August 2005 and November 2007 and a little girl born April 2010.

Hello! I’m Anna. I have two children, a daughter aged 7 1/2 and a son who’s nearly 4. I’ve just joined GP and i’m a (Spirituality-focussed, reflective) Christian. I’m very much in the Franciscan tradition (although i’m a Methodist!) and wanting to challenge the anthropocentrism of Christianity and of society. It seems to me that taking care of our children with love and kindness, taking care of our planet with love and kindness and teaching our children to take care of the world with love and kindness are all parts and participation’s in the one great love of God.
Good to meet you all! Look forward to learning a lot from you.

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