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Just wondered if somebody might be able to help.  I have been recently diagnosed with Rosacea (sub type 2) which basically means I have middle aged acne!  red face  The only ideas my doctor has come up with is anti-biotics and steroid creams neither of which appeal very much as both would be long term. 

I have investigated diet (apparently eating liver is a major trigger so no probs avoiding that one!) and have started making some changes, but wondered if someone might be able to suggest a natural way of lessening the redness and horrid zits.

Thanks for any suggestions and hope I haven’t put anyone off their dinner! grin

A drop of tea tree in some lovely rich skin-friendly oils, in place of normal moisturiser?  smile  Best of luck finding a solution, sorry to post and run!

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I’ve found homeopathic treatment (with a registered homeopath) plus help from a Dr Hauschka Esthetician has worked wonders for my middle-aged acne!  Neither of these things are cheap but I’ve had spots since I was 12 so felt that 23 years and two children later I deserve a break!  I find the Dr Hauschka products amazing, working WITH my skin rather than stripping the natural protective acid mantle and then attempting to repair it with oil-free moisturiser.  It is a revelation to use a normalising oil on my skin to regulate sebum production, I only hope my children don’t have to suffer like I have for so long :-(

Hope you find a solution too, whatever that may be

I was diagnosed a few years ago as well so i know what it’s like. Since then it has calmed down a lot by using the right skin care and avoiding food that can make your skin feel warm ause your skin to get red like spicy foods, red wine for example. Also never use any kind of scrub or steam bath on the face and use only very gentle products. Always wash with luke warm water and don’t switch from very hot to cold water as that causes the capillaries to break.  Anything with rose in it helps to strenghten the capillaries (which causes the redness).  I use the rose range from Weleda and also rose facial oil from Neals Yard Remedies. It’s a case of keeping the rosacea under control by calming your skin down. My skin is also very thin so I have to be particularly careful.  I have also heard that laser treatment should be good for rosacea. Good luck!

Thanks for the information everybody.  I know it’s not a life-threatening “illness” but it’s quite embarrassing when someone asks “whats wrong with your face?”.  I intend to try these ideas and find something that works for me - at least I havent got sub-type 3 which apparently can give you an enlarged and red nose like WC Fields.

Would certainly second Diana’s suggestion of homeopathy, as it can gently and effectively balance the hormonal issues so often behind rosacea , also ensure you are drinking plenty of water

Fiona Dilston Registered Homeopath
Homeopathy, safe, cheap and effective and with a miniscule carbon footprint !

I suffer from this horrible condition too it just saps my self confidence so delighted to read about some of your suggestions which I will try. I know that I don’t drink enough water but I just don’t seem to be able to discipline myself enough to do it crazy I know.

Hello Linda ...we just keep bumping into each other wherever we go F.xxxx

Fiona Dilston Registered Homeopath
Homeopathy, safe, cheap and effective and with a miniscule carbon footprint !

Hi all - Just another question cheese

Have any of you fellow sufferers noticed that your rosacea is hormone related or is better at certain times of the month?  I cant seem to find this as a trigger on any of the websites I have tried but after keeping a “trigger diary” !?! I have noticed a pattern emerging and wondered if anyone else had this too?

Green Tea
Green Tea is one of the best home remedies for rosacea. It contains anticarcinogen, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties which helps in treating rosacea. It helps your skin from ultraviolet light, thus serving to stop papules and pustules from developing on the affected space.

Lavender Oil
Lavender oil used in treating many skin infection including rosacea due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil is most potent natural treatments for rosacea. Tea Tree oil contains an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory property which treat rosacea.

Apple Cider Vinegar
This is a most common home remedies for rosacea redness. It treats many skin conditions by maintaining its pH level and additionally acts as a natural disinfectant. It promotes sensible skin health by killing the microbes on your face and helps treat acne.

for more home remedies check out the link given below

As Sarah suggested Tea Tree essential oil is really good, maybe mixed with a drop of lavender. Face massage is also meant to be good for Rosacea. These blogs articles may help.

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