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Zero waste, certified vegan & organic solid beauty bars

1 Reason to Love Balade en Provence

  1. We create hand made solid beauty bars for all the family.


Balade en Provence is a range of hand-made certified organic, ethically sourced, vegan and zero-waste solid beauty bars made using a cold process that uses100% compostable packaging printed with vegetable ink.

Made in Opio, a small village in the stunning region of Provence, France, Balade en Provence means ‘a walk in Provence’ and the philosophy of the is to promote “bienveillance.”

“Bienveillance” is a French term that can best be defined as “generosity or a desire to do good.”
At Balade en Provence, we believe that all actions, big and small, have an impact. Therefore, we strive to do what is “good” when developing our products, interacting with customers, working in our community and managing environmental waste.

Their hope is that our actions inspire others to spread bienveillance as well.

THE MISSION - #MoveToSolid

Balade en Provence is on a mission for people to give up their liquid products and move to solid. Most liquid products contain more than 80% water, chemical preservatives, and plastic packaging. Balade en Provence makes products that are rich, natural, and ecological alternatives to these.

• Balade en products are certified organic with BIO Earth Durable
which is dedicated to ecological & organically sourced products.
• They care about animals. The products are approved by the
Vegan Society & cruelty free.
• Balade en Provence take waste seriously. All bars are packed in 100% compostable & recyclable packaging.
• They work with those struggling with mental illness who have suffered emotional trauma (loss, divorce) to package the products, gradually helping them transition back into their life.
• Their bars are artisanal & contain premium ethically sourced, natural ingredients such as shea butter, rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, & coconut oil.

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