Natural skincare for dry, sensitive, and eczema-prone skin

5 Reasons to Love Balmonds Skincare

  1. We're an independent brand who make all our own products in our Brighton workshop
  2. Our skincare is genuinely natural and kind to skin
  3. All our products are unfragranced and free from petrochemicals
  4. Skin Salvation is an effective, gentle alternative to paraffin-based emollients
  5. We regularly donate balm to healthcare professionals to care for their sore, hard-working hands!


Balmonds began with a mum of a baby with chronic eczema, so desperate to find an effective, non-stinging moisturiser for her daughter’s sore skin that she ended up inventing her own. The all-natural, unfragranced ointment she made all those years ago now provides comfort to people with dry, itchy and sensitive skin across the world!

Skin Salvation is particularly cherished by parents as a one-stop pot with a whole variety of uses: it can be used to calm itchy inflamed patches, soften rough or cracked skin, as a nappy balm or tattoo aftercare, as a beauty balm under makeup, and as a protective salve to take the sting out of grazed knees. This incredible versatility is why you’ll find Skin Salvation is a favourite with nurses, doctors, athletes, gardeners, and actors!

The balm is made with beeswax, anti-inflammatory herbal tinctures (chamomile, calendula, nettle and chickweed), and nourishing EFA-rich hemp seed, olive and safflower oils. It can be used by all ages, all skin types and anywhere on the body.

Skin Salvation has been clinically tested and approved by a dermatologist for use on sensitive skin.

In fact, the whole range of Balmonds products is suitable for those prone to allergies and eczema, sensitive or dry skin, as well as anyone wanting to avoid irritants or pollutants in their skincare regime. They’re free from synthetic fragrances, sulphates, paraffin, parabens, lanolin, nuts, and dairy and are made from 100% biodegradable raw materials, so you can be sure you’re being as kind to the earth as you are to your skin.

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