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DIDYMOS - The Brand and its Story

DIDYMOS was born out of one woman’s desire to carry her newborn twins as much as she wanted. Every solution starts with a problem. For Erika Hoffmann, her problem was having four children, but only two arms. She needed a way to carry her babies, but also have some freedom to manage her daily routine.

When reading the book “Die Mutter und ihr Kind” (The Mother and Her Child), Terra Magica, published in 1963 by Reich Verlag, Luzern, she learned about cultures worldwide where mothers pursued their daily work in a most simple way, all while intimately carrying their children in shawls and carriers.

She remembered that friends had sent her such a shawl and it was then that she started to experiment with “wearing” her own babies. When articles about her and her “new” parenting style were published, parents from all over Germany showed a great deal of interest, many wanting a baby wrap of their own.

She never intended to be a groundbreaker but she instinctively understood the benefits of parents wearing their children. She had the strong wish of making babywearing accessible to all parents and she approached weaving mills, looking to make her own wraps.

This was how the story of DIDYMOS all began, back in 1972, with Erika Hoffmann’s strong passion for carrying her babies close and her desire to make it a possibility for those around her! A woman, starting a business, with no capital, in the 1970s. Raising startup capital with no collateral was no small feat. But with that intention and a mill came the first DIDYMOS wraps. The first wraps that Erika made were named after her four children, Tom, Anna, Lisa and Tina.

During the first 25 years of the company, spreading the knowledge and benefits of how and why carrying babies close to the body was a huge task. Some treated Erika with hostility and abuse, saying that she was encouraging babies being pampered. Through her perseverance, foresight, and tenacity, Erika Hoffman created a company that has helped to popularize babywearing worldwide. DIDYMOS continues to promote this philosophy by making significant contributions to many organizations and charities which care for children and their education worldwide such as Doctors without Borders.

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