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5 Reasons to Love Ecozone Products

  1. Over 80 eco-friendly home cleaning, lighting and toiletry products
  2. Non-toxic, non-caustic, non-bleach formulas, non-biological laundry options, dermotologically tested skin-care
  3. Cruelty-free, Vegan products
  4. Naturewatch Foundation & Allergy UK approved
  5. Natural & organic ingredient baby & kids toiletries - Bubble bath, Shampoo, Hand wash, Body wash, Baby lotion & oil and Baby wipes


‘make your home an ecozone’

Providing the world with eco-friendly alternatives, we have a range of over 80 planet-friendly laundry, cleaning, dishwashing & household solutions to be used all over your home! in addtion we have a large range of energy-friendly lighting options to fill your space with relaxing ambient tones or bright daylight like clarity. we also have your little one’s skin care regime sorted with a lovely bunch of chamomile & aloe scented, dermotologically tested toiletries for babies & kids.

Ecozone’s aim is to reduce the number of toxic chemicals found in our homes to ensure they are healthy & happy places for families and pets to live! and in the process we hope to lessen household CO2 emissions through our innovative & sustainable ideas. we’ve got you!

We take pride in making biodegradable-ingredient products using natural formulas with no nasty synthetics, plasticisers or phosphates! our products have support from Cruelty-Free International, they are Vegan approved, Naturewatch Foundation supported, & Allergy Friendly UK co-signed!

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