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Plastic free toys, plastic free packaging

5 Reasons to Love Envirotoy

  1. We are 100% plastic free - toys and packaging
  2. Free delivery over £15 and simple returns
  3. We donate 1% to plastic ocean clean up projects
  4. We only stock eco-friendly brands
  5. Hundreds of unique children's toys


We have a beautiful range of 100% plastic free, eco friendly toys in stock from carefully selected sustainable brands. We pride ourselfs on picking the best toys and knowing their exact provinance from tree to child! Games, puzzles, push, pull, bath toys, beach toys, bedroom, baby toys and art and craft. We even have a plastic free beach bucket!

Envirotoy was formed in 2019 with the aim of reducing the amount of plastic used to make children’s toys - a figure which currently stands at 90%. To find out more on our eco values visit or to shop.