Issue 100 is out now

A rhyming book series for children aged 2-6

5 Reasons to Love Fari and Nandi Book series

  1. A fun rhyming adventure story for children
  2. Children learn about famous landmarks and attractions in different countries
  3. A book that parents, teachers and children will find funny and enjoyable
  4. Encourage children to be curious about travelling and also to refer to the book about the places they have visited
  5. Get children prepared in a fun way about what to expect when they travel to different countries


Fari and Nandi is a fun, rhyming children’s book series about a little girl that travels the world at bedtime with her doll in a golden balloon. In the first book Fari and Nandi travel to Egypt and have a fun adventure that includes making a discovery in the pyramids, bumping into the Sphinx, being blown away and much more!

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