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celebrates courageous climate leadership, creative expression and innovation in partnership with our natural world. Speakers, music, workshops, talks, family fun and more

5 Reasons to Love Hawkwood’s Seed Festival

  1. UK Leading Eco Event - best speakers, workshops and music on topic - buzzing with ideas
  2. Set in the beautiful grounds of Hawkwood with woodlands, country house, natural spring in a biodynamic farm
  3. Family fun in a relaxed and safe setting - circus play with World Jungle plus Organic Play area
  4. Great locally sourced food, with vegan options both in the house and the festival field
  5. #Act4Hope Hawkwood's Seed Festival provides practical solutions so you can take home to your community and Be The Change!


Hawkwood’s Seed Festival 19-21 July in Stroud celebrates courageous leadership, creative expression and innovation in partnership with our natural world.

∇ Climate Leaders ∇ Change-Makers ∇ Speakers ∇ Activists ∇ Musicians
∇ Poets ∇ Connectors ∇ Facilitators ∇ Film-Makers ∇ Family Fun ∇ Artists ∇ More

We are at a crossroads, and with growing environmental and political challenges around the world there has perhaps never been a more crucial time to come together and act with our future - and the planet - in mind. Earlybird tickets only £88includes camping. To find out more

Future thinking speakers include BBC Springwatch’s Gillan Addon, Extinction Rebellion co-founder Dr Gail Bradbrook , Soil Association’s Helen Browning with her new book PIG, RSA’s Matthew Taylor, C40 cities’ Rachel Huxley, Permaculture Legend Maddy Harland ,Roman Krznaric founder of Empathy Museum, Embercombe’s Mac Macartney , Alison Tickell Julie’s Bicycle founder, Craig Bennett Friends of the Earth, Rob Hopkins - Transition Network as a start.

Performing artists are also a key part of the festival with
Drew Dellinger (USA), Seize the Day, Tarisha, Mal Webb and Kyle Morrigan (AUS), Nigel Shaw, Carrie Tree, Murray Kyle (AUS), The Fox and The Owl, Matt Harvey, Natalie Fee & Angus Brel, Lewis Barfoot and many more.

Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking is a registered charity (no.311767), with a vision to creating a better world for now, and for the future. We bring together people and organisations from across society to support creative endeavour, a flourishing community and a sustainable environment. Seed Festival is one of our biggest conversations, in collaboration with Seed Idea, encouraging ethical living and inspiring action in support of climate justice. We want to help other organisations and individuals who are thinking innovatively and taking the threats to our environment seriously, and you can help us with this! Our work relies on the dedication of volunteers, on the generosity of individual donations and legacies, and on the enthusiastic mentions we receive on social media.

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At Hawkwood’s Seed Festival this July Organic Playgrounds will be hosting an organic play area, so come help us to weave a beautiful sensory tapestry, filled with twigs, flowers, poems and boundless creativity, sharing our intentions for bringing all we wish to see in this world into being.

juggling ∇ unicycling hula hoops ∇ plate spinning ∇ crazy up-cycled clothes ∇ devil sticks ∇ poi ∇ pogo ∇ slackline ∇ stilts ∇ space hoppers ∇ crafts

Come and try out World Jungle’s Circus Area with Mr. Ben and his team,
with a chance to learn juggling, devil sticks, plate spinning, unicycling and poi.
Bounce around on our space hoppers & pogo sticks and get those hips moving with some hula action.
Move yourself around on pedal gos and even work on your balance on the slackline and stilts!
Learn how to create giant bubbles that will wow your friends and family and keep you popping forever!
Create some crafts and some crazy clothing in the World Jungle art area using recycled materials and your imagination!

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