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Publisher of creative and thoughtful books.

5 Reasons to Love Hawthorn Press

  1. Small independent UK publishers
  2. Promoting positive parenting
  3. Supporting sustainable living
  4. Encouraging creativity, play and outdoor learning
  5. Seeking a more peaceful and caring world


Hawthorn Press creates thoughtful books to support a creative, peaceful and sustainable world. Our titles encompass education, family, craft, storytelling and changemaking.

We have published books since 1981, offering inspiring and practical ways to transform oneself, family, business and community.
The question we ask when considering a title is if its presence in the world will make the world a better place.
We are open to different ways of doing this. Some of our most popular books are our books on storytelling: we believe that this is vital to anyone wishing to create positive change in the world, as the stories that we tell inform our perceptions and therefore how we act.
Stories are a fantastic way of making sense of the world, putting classroom learning in context. Our storytelling topics include science, history, nature, managing difficult behaviour and therapy through stories.
We also publish craft books, because making things yourself is both fun and empowering.
Visit our website to see our full range of colourful stories and creative activities as well as helpful manuals for parent and child.

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