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Award winning handmade soap from North Yorkshire

5 Reasons to Love Lily & Rabbit

  1. Award winning goats milk soap (Free from skincare awards 2020).
  2. Regular range, a spa range with more luxurious ingredients for problem skin.
  3. Bars are handmade & cut in North Yorkshire with attention to quality and value.
  4. Local ingredients where possible - goat's milk from a nearby farm and honey from a small apiary in Harrogate.
  5. We produce bars that are chunky, a good weight, and last if they are looked after !


Lily & Rabbit, is a family run soapworks from our cottage in North Yorkshire, founded with the belief that everybody deserves fine, all-natural soap. Especially those with sensitive skin.

Our go-to bathing product while living in Tuscany for several years was wholesome olive oil soap that beautifully cleansed and conditioned our family’s skin. Since moving to North Yorkshire, we have been inspired to make luscious soaps by combining olive oil & raw goats milk (the best of both worlds in our opinion).

About our bars….. colours & exfoliators are courtesy of mother nature. Our naked bars are just that, pure soap without scent or colour. All bars within our regular and spa goat range may be used on the face and body.

We use local ingredients where possible. Our goat’s milk soap comes in beautiful recyclable boxes and are a generous weight ! Each bar is hand cut and unique.

We love making soap, and in 2020 we are expanding our range to include creative and vegan friendly bars.

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