High quality, long lasting and eco conscious personalised name labels for nursery, school...

5 Reasons to Love Mine4Sure - Label it and find it!

  1. We've made labelling one's belongings a fun, easy and beautiful affair!
  2. We only use solvent free inks and no heavy metals
  3. Our amazing range of pictures, colours, fonts to make your labels truly yours
  4. Our labels are easy to apply, durable, waterproof
  5. Delivery is free worldwide


Since 2005, Mine4Sure has made labelling one’s belongings a fun and beautiful affair!

Whatever your labelling needs are: for nursery, school, sports activities…. you will find the labels you need: iron-on or sew-on labels for clothes, stickers for objects and shoe stickers, tags for bags, combo packs...

Label it all: coats, gloves, hats, shoes, school uniform, PE kit, shoes, bags, school supplies, sports equipment, lunch box, bottles, favourite teddy…. and much more

With our large range of beautiful colours, pictures and fonts, you and your children will enjoy making the labels truly yours.

Easy to apply, durable, all our labels are waterproof. The stickers will happily go through the dishwasher and microwave whilst the iron-on and sew-on labels will stand washing machine and tumble-dryer use. The adhesion of the iron-on labels is guaranteed for 10 years.

From the start, quality and well-being have been essential values for Mine4Sure. All our products are printed with solvent free inks and do not contain products potentially harmful to everyone’s health.

And last but not least, delivery is free worldwide.

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