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Handmade Hemp Bath,Body and Soap Delights

5 Reasons to Love The Hemp Store

  1. Locally Handmade
  2. Organic Ingredients
  3. Vegan Friendly (registered with The Vegan Society)
  4. Small Family Company
  5. Independent


Established in 1999 The Hemp Store continues to provide natural goods sourced using the incredible Hemp plant.

We worked on a farm that grew a crop of Hemp way back in the 1990’s and that sparked our initiation and journey with this wonderful plant.
Hemp can build cars and houses, provide the strongest natural fibre for clothes, bags and rope, a source of nutritious foodstuffs and medicines and the cold pressed hemp seed oil is so good for the skin and hair.

We launched our range of locally handmade Bath, Body and Soap stuffs and were overwhelmed by the positive feedback from happy customers. Starting with a single Hemp Shampoo the range continues to expand (currently finalising a super Hemp Dog Shampoo for our hairy friends!).
All this range is made using UK grown and processed cold pressed hemp seed oil (certified organic). Hemp is so good for the skin and hair - moisturising and nourishing - so kind it is also suitable for sensitive skins.

Hemp grows on a variety of soil types in a range of climates. It grows without the need for pesticides or herbicides, captures CO2 and enhances the soil structure.
So ................................ Good for you, Good for your skin and Good for the planet!

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