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5 Reasons to Love The Pure H2O Company Ltd

  1. Environmentally sustainable
  2. Technologically advanced
  3. Beautifully designed
  4. Convenient
  5. Maximise you & your family's health & wellbeing


The Pure H2O Company seeks to maximise people’s health and wellbeing, increase their enjoyment of drinking water and reduce their environmental impact through a range of technologically advanced tap water purifiers, Smart and Multifunction taps. Our systems enable people to enjoy drinking pure water and avoid all the negative environmental impacts of plastic bottled water, without compromising on taste or convenience. We have been installing our tap water purifiers to households, hospitality venues, business premises and medical settings since the early 1990s, and also provide water softeners and conditioners. Our Smart and Multifunction Taps deliver Boiling, Chilled and Sparkling Water wherever and whenever you need it.

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