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A unique natural parenting festival that supports families

5 Reasons to Love Tribal Hearts Festival

  1. Tribal Hearts is great fun for all of the family but also supports parents in raising happy children!
  2. Expert parenting workshops to help you build better relationships within your family
  3. A weekend filled with love and connection, surrounded by like-minded families
  4. Our ethical marketplace brings together some amazing companies who can help on your natural lifestyle journey
  5. Plenty of child-led play opportunities, creative activities and outdoor fun


Tribal Hearts combines many elements of natural living with family life, aiming to support parents in raising a healthy, happy tribe! Like every good festival we have delicious food, entertainment, camping and plenty of fun, but with the added benefit of being able to take something away of value to you and your children. With an emphasis on creativity, play and nature children are immersed in opportunities to explore and learn, express themselves and gain confidence whilst supporting all areas of development. Workshops include parenting support to enhance your relationships with your children and create peaceful homes and interactive sessions on healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle choices.

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