Natural supplements for immunity, energy, sleep and stress.

5 Reasons to Love Unbeelievable Health

  1. Ethical, natural brand created by a mum; with a team of health and nutrition experts.
  2. Convenient, all-in-one plant based supplements making it easier to be healthier, naturally.
  3. Vegetarian, free from allergens and made in the UK in a top Good Manufacturing Practices facility.
  4. Highest quality ingredients with no additives, bulking agents, fillers or excipients.
  5. Donating a portion of sales to bee causes like Bees for Development and more.


Unbeelievable Health was launched 10 years ago by mumprenuer Sarah Orecchia, who found herself constantly falling ill and feeling exhausted & foggy as she traveled between London & New York, whilst juggling work and two small children. She began seeing various nutritionists to discover the best natural ways to strengthen the immune system and to improve energy & focus as she found health stores confusing with so many choices.

After hitting on a couple of really effective combinations, which contained bee products (something she was passionate about) and other plant sourced ingredients, she realised that they would make effective and convenient all in one supplements. She researched the market and realised there were very few brands which targeted specific health issues with plant and food sourced nutrients only (most contained synthetic ingredients, fillers and binders).

Sarah had always dreamed of starting a wellness business (her father was a bonafide ‘health-nut’ and she was brought up on the ethos that many health complaints can be improved naturally). With the help of a team of nutritionists and health industry veterans and experts, Unbeelievable Health was born.

The supplements has been researched and formulated by nutritionists and combine therapeutic amounts of highest quality vegetarian nutrients which have studies behind their use, to help support specific health concerns including immunity, energy and focus, sleep and anxiety.

Unbeelievable is one of the only brands marrying the amazing substances bees produce (propolis, bee pollen & royal jelly) with synergistic plant and food sourced ingredients- a combination of nature’s finest nutrients from hives, fields and forests which are not usually found in a regular diet or multivitamin- making them an ideal way to optimise any health regime.

Each supplement contains different ingredients so they complement each other and may be taken together. The concentrated capsule contents may be opened into juices and food if one doesn’t like swallowing pills. All of the supplements are suitable to take daily if desired, year round, or as needed.

· Winners of 18 industry awards

· Outstanding consumer reviews

· Championed by nutritionists

· Vegetarian society approved, made in the UK & free of allergens, fillers and excipients

· An ethical, values led business which donates a portion of sales to bee causes and research.


BEE PREPARED DAILY IMMUNE FORMULA combines therapeutic amounts of highest quality bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf, beta glucan and acerola cherry (one of the richest sourced of vitamin C). It helps support natural defences year-round and is suitable to take daily or as needed and contains generous amounts of mostly extracts so fewer tablets are required. Suitable for most ages.

BEE PREPARED MAX STRENGTH IMMUNE FORMULA combines the same ingredients as Bee prepared daily- bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf, beta glucans, acerola cherry, but in more concentrated amounts with the addition of astaxanthin and reishi mushroom. Bee prepared immune formula helps support natural defences year-round and is suitable to take daily or as needed.

BEE ENERGISED ENERGY AND FOCUS combines highest quality nutrients shown to help improve energy & focus including organic: bee pollen, matcha tea, green tea leaf and spirulina, along with siberian ginseng, rosemary extract & rose hips as well as Vitamin B6 & Vitamin B12 (which contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism- reducing feelings of tiredness and fatigue), providing support to help maintain a steady stream of energy, stamina, and mental alertness throughout the day, without the jitters and crashes. Benefits build with time to help with ongoing issues of fatigue & lethargy.

BEE RESTED SLEEP SUPPORT combines 9 therapeutic ingredients shown to help support healthy sleep including royal jelly, Griffonia seed extract (which provides 5-HTP) & Montmorency cherry (both convert into melatonin), as well as Humulus lupulus, (also known a hops), saffron, lavender and chamomile extracts, bee propolis and magnesium- to contribute to the normal function of the nervous system as it is required for the body to make GABA – the calming hormone, essential for good quality sleep. Benefits build up over time although effects may be noticed right away. Take 20-30 minutes before bed.

BEE CALM RELAXATION AND WELLBEING supplement combines therapeutic amounts of ingredients which are shown to help ease tension and anxiety, improve low moods and promote a sense of wellbeing including royal jelly, lemon balm extract, passion flower extract, rhodioloa, l-theanine, magnesium citrate, lions’ mane mushroom and calcium pantothenate.

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Available in over 800 UK & Irish health stores including Revital, Nature Doc Shop,Holland & Barrett & more. Also available via Ocado & globally via Bodykind.

If you have any questions you can email Unbeelievable Health and one of their nutritionists will try to help.

Safety Advisory: As with other supplements, pregnant and lactating women or those with allergies or on medication should seek advice from a health professional before taking. Some people are allergic to bee products. Many doctors do not advise using bee products when pregnant or breast feeding, even honey.

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