Custom made crystal Baltic amber and hazelwood jewellery

5 Reasons to Love Bizzie Bee Jewellery

  1. Custom made Baltic amber, crystal and hazelwood jewellery
  2. Each is designed and hand made in St Ives, Cornwall
  3. Available for children to adults
  4. Personal customer service
  5. Friendly help and advice


Hi there!

I design and custom make both Baltic amber, hazelwood and crystal jewellery for children and adults; but also a range of Teething and Fiddle bead necklaces which are great for entertaining little one’s who need something to keep them occupied when teething, feeding or even whilst be carried - they are even great for back carry!

I originally began making Baltic amber and hazelwood necklaces for my children which we would not have been without (my three Bizzie Bee Monkeys that I needed to find a natural alternative for - Teething, Reflux and Eczema). I had heard about how the alkaline hazelwood can help alongside the succinic acid within the Baltic amber and thought it perfect for what we wanted. It set me on a Mummy mission to help bring the same relief to other little ones and their families.

I have been using crystals in my life for over 30 years and come from a long line of family who were crystal healers which has been passed on through the years to me. I choose the crystals for our own jewellery and that of any customised orders through intense research and personal crystal intuition. I have seen with my own eyes how the crystals have met and exceeded the needs and requirements of myself and my family and now get so much lovely feedback on how it helps others (see the reviews section on my Facebook page).

After designing the jewellery that my children could wear to help support their requirements, came my next challenge of designing something that they could physically hold, touch and chew on - so my Teething and Fiddle beads were born! Contemporary to look at and wear for the adult, but many different colours and textures to be explored by little ones!

Every piece of my jewellery is designed and made here in my workshop in St Ives, Cornwall.

I would love to help you choose the perfect jewellery for yourself or your children, to suit your own needs - both types of jewellery are fully customisable (including the Teething and Fiddle bead necklaces). Please get in touch for friendly help and advice - we can work together to make something that is just right for you and your family.

Laura @ Bizzie Bees

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