Cotton, waterproof, washable bed pads for toilet training

5 Reasons to Love Brolly Sheets

  1. You can change a wet bed in seconds
  2. No more stripping the bed
  3. Fabulous range of colours that suit any décor
  4. Easy to wash and can be tumble dried
  5. 100% cotton topped - soft, quiet and comfy


Are you expecting a downpour tonight?

Brolly Sheets are 100% cotton topped bed pads that are quick and easy to change at 2 am.

Created by a Mum whose daughter slept in a bottom bunk. Every time Diane stripped her daughter’s bed, she would hit her head on the top bunk. There had to be a better way – so the Brolly Sheets was born.

We all know life is busy and at 2 am, changing a wet bed just needs to be easy and quick. With a Brolly Sheet, just tuck it on top of the regular sheet and simply replace when wet. No need to completely strip the bed which saves time, washing and sanity!

Brolly Sheets contain no PVC or vinyl and provide a soft, natural and comfortable surface to sleep on. Using breathable material, they are quiet and don’t cause sweating. The cleverness of the Brolly Sheets design is that each sheet can hold up to two litres of liquid so accidents won’t leak through.

Your child sleeps directly on top, so when wet it only takes seconds to change – no more stripping the bed.

Available in a range of colours and bed sizes.

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