Beautifully designed British pushchairs

5 Reasons to Love iCandy World

  1. iCandy is a family owned British brand, its team of British designers strive to create products which exude style, but not at the expense of functionality..
  2. iCandy create desirable pushchairs which exude British style around the world.. The award winning pushchair brand is famous for its practicality and head-turning colourways. The iCandy Peach is the brand's flagship model and is the choice for various A-lis
  3. With over 85 years of cutting-edge British design and innovation, iCandy brings a collection of beautifully formed, luxury pushchairs and accessories. iCandy’s precision manufacturing journey has lead them to crafting the world’s most definitive pushchairs
  4. iCandy pushchairs exude style and practicality, they also include a lifetime warranty, giving parents extra peace of mind.
  5. iCandy is considered one of Britain's key exporters, having been honoured with a Queens Award in 2016 for Enterprise in International Trade


iCandy World is a British based, family owned company that specialise in creating a range of nursery products, mainly pushchairs. Known for their exceptional British craftsmanship, elegant designs and passion for quality, the company has established itself as one of the leading luxury nursery brands.

Business at iCandy is a family affair; Brothers Bradley and Warren Appel absorbed manufacturing knowledge from their grandfather Charles who founded a fashion company in 1933.

With over 80 years of manufacturing pedigree and expertise, iCandy’s skilled designers continue to create on-trend products that also provide great function for the modern day parent. Leaders in the pushchair market, iCandy demonstrates their understanding of the importance for today’s modern parent to express their individual style whilst adhering to the practicalities of being a parent.

State-of-the-art product innovation and development has allowed iCandy to push the boundaries and cater for parents who want and deserve more. One of iCandy’s most significant moments so far is the Apple 2 Pear, the pioneering designers at iCandy created the award-winning pushchair that competitors have yet to aspire to. iCandy’s innovation of the world’s first multi-configuration single-to-double pushchair in a single footprint is the cornerstone of iCandy’s success in the UK and globally.

This balance of performance, luxury and design is iCandy’s signature, and they refuse to compromise or accept limitations in their pursuit of perfection. iCandy take pride in building a strong close-knit team and select candidates that are experts in their fields – ensuring everything they do is highly personal. In their commitment to supporting over 200 independent UK retailers, the brand displays a great passion to connect with parents in an authentic way, they greatly support independents offering of a full range of services to the consumer.

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