Dedicated Baby Massage courses throughout the UK & NI

5 Reasons to Love Baby Massage with The International Association of Infant Massage UK Chapter (IAIM)

  1. We are the largest and longest standing worldwide association solely dedicated to baby massage
  2. Our unique course is accredited by the RCM (Royal Collage of Midwives)
  3. Our programme is taught in over 50 countries
  4. Parents love our courses which includes Swedish and Indian massage movements, Yoga and Reflexology principles.
  5. All our members are highly trained to deliver the very best baby massage teaching.


We are the International Association of Infant

Massage (IAIM), the largest, longest standing and only association dedicated
solely to baby massage in the world. We are passionate about what we do and
lead the field by bringing our expertise and experience into the daily lives of
our parents and babies.

Our baby massage instructor training courses are the most comprehensive
available in the UK today. We are delighted to have industry accreditations
from The Royal Collage of Midwives, Embody and the Complementary Therapists

Our programme is internationally recognised and is currently taught in over 50
countries. In the UK alone we have trained over 13,500 instructors, and our
course is totally unique in that parents and babies attend the training
sessions enabling students to gain practical teaching experience.

Many thousands of parents have attended our courses and discovered the numerous
benefits that baby massage offers including helping your baby to feel securely
attached, reduced crying and emotional distress, increased levels of relaxation
and longer sleep and relief from wind, colic and constipation, just to name a
few! There are many benefits to baby massage and we’d love you to experience it
for yourself. Our dedicated website allows you to search within your area for
an instructor and has lots of useful information and news about our
Association, so please do take a look.

Photo credit: Rachel Burnside, Philippa Long & Crystal Miles.

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