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Emma Harvey, who is the founder of The Love Organics Company, was diagnosed with a rare, incurable auto immune disease (Wegeners Granulomatosis Vasculitis) when she was 18.

Her doctors warned her that her over reactive immune system, could be stimulated by chemical pollutants, that can be found in our food, products and environment. Therefore, over the years she has tried to the best of her ability to live as organically and naturally as possible by avoiding products with chemicals and other unnecessary harmful ingredients.

Unfortunately, she found this increasingly hard, due to the relaxed laws, especially in the UK on “Organic” and “Natural” branded products that she found actually weren’t very natural or organic at all.

She felt that all people should be aware of this and deserved to protect themselves and their families from harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives that can be found in their food and every day products.

“If we can’t control what we’re exposed to from the environment, let’s control what we can! There is a way to protect ourselves from toxicity that can do us harm by controlling how we live within our homes every day. Whether you suffer from health issues or not, monitoring your Chemical Footprint applies to everyone.“

Emma Harvey


The Love Organics Company

This is where Love organics was born……………………………..

The Love Organics Company is an Organic & Natural Living Site for all. You can buy with confidence that we have done the research for you! Every product we promote is certified Organic or Natural, it doesn’t just say it on the packaging, IT IS!!!!!

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