One of history's greatest remedies - use it today!


  1. Our products are of the highest quality, containing at least 80% true Amber Silver
  2. We are a small company, passionate about ensuring our customers receive the best product on the market
  3. Consumers think our products are fantastic -most of our customers are returning customers
  4. Colloidal Silver – an effective antimicrobial solution for thousands of years
  5. A unique combination of ingredients not found in any other products


We are a small family run company dedicated to helping our customers treat a wide range of conditions with Colloidal Silver, a naturally antimicrobial, antifungal agent that research shows can neutralise up to 650 different pathogens.

Although Colloidal Silver has been used for its medicinal properties for thousands of years, we encountered it by chance when researching alternative natural remedies for a family member. Seeing its far-reaching benefits first hand we began to manufacture our own Silver at home, and before long moved to new premises with a state of the art, custom built laboratory. This laboratory forms the very hub of our business, where we research, develop and produce the finest quality silver solutions, silver gels and creams.

Our team consists of experts with over 30 years of experience in natural product manufacture. We also understand the challenges people face when tackling a persistent problem, whether it’s a debilitating skin condition such as eczema or a serious bacterial infection. We want our customers to feel they can make informed choices about which products to use and why. Our website and social media platforms contain the very latest information and resources on Colloidal Silver and other related issues.


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