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5 Reasons to Love Where the Songbird Sings

  1. Luxury Babymoon Holidays available in Oman, Sri Lanka, Kerala, Croatia & UK.
  2. Tailor-made Babymoon holidays also available.
  3. Luxury spas, and prenatal Ayurvedic treatments & Yoga sessions available in selected hotels.
  4. Holidays that provide a truly cultural experience.
  5. Holidays ideal for both groups & couples.


Babymoon holidays are a wonderful way to take some time & relax with your partner or friends, before the arrival of your little bundle. We have hand-selected hotels, which offer luxurious spas, antenatal Ayurvedic treatments, and antenatal yoga classes. We also aim to ensure you are as comfortable and attended to, throughout your visit. During pregnancy it is crucial that you remain stress free.

Babymoon holidays provide a healthy start for both you & your baby.

Wanderlust is something that can be enjoyed even after you have settled down. Not only do we provide you with luxury, we provide you with a cultural experience of the country you are visiting.

We offer holidays both abroad & in the UK. Tailor-made holidays are also available. UK retreats are coordinated by the world renowned Birthlight.

If you are looking for a Babymoon holiday, look no further, we are simply the best…. We’ll take you to Where the Songbird Sings.

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