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4 Reasons to Love The Hemp Shop Ltd

  1. We sell the highest quality natural and organic hemp products we can find - no nasty chemicals or synthetic fibres
  2. We love hemp because it is great for our bodies - full of Omega Oils, fibre and protein - and for our planet
  3. We have it all! Whether you are looking for food or fabrics, seeds or soaps, Hemp really is the super seed that we all need
  4. We are a small ethical family run company who care - about the customer experience; about finding the best quality products; and about trying to protect the environment for all of our children.


For over 20 years, we have worked to bring you the very latest and greatest from the world of Hemp; to provide you alternatives to everyday items; creating ecologically, environmentally and sustainable products from all over the globe. As the longest running Hemp company in the UK, we now offer even more products at fantastic prices with a greater selection than ever before. This has been a long journey and a journey we will continue. When we started, all those years ago, barely anyone knew what Hemp was and those that did only knew it was either Rope or Dope. Now we have a range we are truly proud of: from ethical hemp clothing and accessories, and sustainable hemp fabrics and interiors, to the power-packed nutrition in Hemp food and the nourishing Hemp Oil in our natural beauty products.

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