Zao Makeup - A Brand with a conscience

5 Reasons to Love Zao Essence of Nature

  1. Vegan and cruelty free
  2. 100% natural with certified organic ingredients where certifiable
  3. Refillable, reduced plastic product range with sustainable bamboo packaging
  4. Premium quality products with frequent new launches that are catwalk-inspired
  5. Full makeup range with an extensive selection of products to meet every need


Zao Makeup, the premium certified organic makeup brand, is a brand with a conscience, having pioneered the creation of makeup refills when the brand launched in 2012 before the anti-plastic movement even existed. Zao’s entire range is Cruelty Free and Vegan also, as certified by Peta, and its entire makeup range is natural, including preservatives, as part of its mission to create a brand that considers the impact of human’s consumption on all sentient beings. Using bamboo as a tough, sustainable outer case for its refillable range of products, Zao also deploys bamboo inside its products as an ingredient, due to its rich silica content that helps skin combat ageing by contributing to the skin’s collagen production.

Zao is a French brand, devised by David Reccole and two friends, with the aim of creating a brand that is kind to the planet. As an avid traveller, David was drawn to Buddhism and so the brand’s name Zao is a contraction of ZEN and TAO, both well-known Oriental philosophies that are based on the observation of nature. Zao invites its customers to seek harmony and authenticity, peace of mind and a meditative state that is mindful of nature and celebrates its conscious participation in our lives.

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