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  • 26 Nov 2015

    Christmas Gifts for Baby

    Kit little ones out with the most gorgeous organic and ethical goodies this Christmas. […] more

  • 10 Nov 2015


    Celebrating our 90th year, Bickiepegs were specially designed in 1925 by Dr Harry Campbell, a Harley Street Paediatrician. Bickiepegs are a natural, food based alternative to plastic teething rings for children aged 6m+, until the first set of teeth are through. Designed to satisfy the natural desire to gnaw during teething, Bickiepegs allow access to both front and back teeth. As well as providing a hard surface on which to ‘cut’ teeth they support the correct exercise vital to the development of baby’s jaw, jaw muscles and gums. […] more

  • 10 Nov 2015


    This fantastic new fleece will keep you feeling nice and cosy, whether out and about, or curled up on the sofa. It has adjustable side panels so you can alter the jacket to fit your ever evolving bump underneath it. After baby is born you can carry on wearing it, simply zip down those panels and the fleece is back to its original shape, just like you, amazing! This new and unique range of clothing is manufactured in Britain and is designed to the same technical specification as your outdoor favourites, but with a bump in mind. […] more

  • 1 Oct 2015

    REAL NAPPIES: A Starter’s Guide

    This starter guide to real nappies provides EVERYTHING you need to know to get you started in using cloth for your baby. Do I need to be a master of origami with 12 free hours every day to use washable nappies? No! Sophia Gill offers a simple, guilt-free guide to using cloth nappies. Pregnant and keen to learn about natural parenting, I felt totally overwhelmed by all the information on real nappies. There were so many to choose from, and the terminology was baffling. Fast forward a year and my husband and I are full-time cloth users with our daughter, Willow, and I cannot recommend them enough. […] more

  • 31 Aug 2015

    Nine ways to raise an organic baby

    Choosing organic has an impact not only on our children’s health and wellbeing, but the health of the planet that they are going to inherit. There are many reasons why choosing organic is the best for you and your family, and it pays to be informed. Firstly, from conception through the first three years of life is the most critical time for a child’s development. It is during this time that the child’s body systems and brain are developing and growing faster than at any other time. Here are nine ways in which you can raise an organic child […] more

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