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  • 5 Jul 2015

    Raising baby on a budget

    Modern inventions have given us some truly amazing things, from washing machines to tiny palm sized computers with access to all the knowledge available to mankind at the push of a button. Quite often, however, various gadgets that are designed to make life more convenient are not so helpful, or good for us, as we might think and this is never truer than gadgets designed for babies and parents. Here, we look at 5 modern inventions that you really don’t need to waste your money on. […] more

  • 3 Jul 2015

    Natural Beauty Awards: PREGNANCY

    Nourish your growing bump with the very finest in natural bodycare products. Here are our winning products from the pregnancy category in our Natural Beauty Awards. Early this spring we launched The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2015. Each product that entered was thoroughly tested according to strict criterion to find the very finest natural products for you. Here are the winning treats for mothers-to-be. […] more

  • 2 Jul 2015

    Natural Beauty Awards: CHILDREN’S

    Choose only the very finest, natural products for the little ones in your life. We all know that children need the purest skincare even more than adults so here are our top picks. Here are the winning products for Children and Babies in our Natural Beauty Awards. Each product entered into The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2015 was thoroughly tested according to strict criterion to find the very finest natural products for you and your family. […] more

  • 16 Jun 2015

    Babywearing Conference

    We're excited to be supporting the European Babywearing Conference this weekend, in Bristol. It's the second time this event has been run and the aims are to promote the use of slings and carriers to parents and professionals, to support educational opportunities, to promote greater safety in babywearing and help boost the businesses selling beautiful wraps and carriers. Which is where we come in... Here are some of our favourites from the conference this year... […] more

  • 15 Jun 2015

    What to expect: sling library

    SLING LIBRARIES, LIKE BOOK AND TOY libraries, allow parents to borrow slings and baby carriers so they can try them and find out which sling might suit them best. Each operates slightly differently but all of them are run by people passionate about babywearing and about maximising choice for parents. They make a small charge to cover the cost of hiring a sling and most ask for a deposit. Sling library sessions are a chance to meet like-minded parents and get some advice about slings as well as the chance to look at the different types available, says Victoria Ward […] more

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